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Beyond Automation: Driving Strategic Value 

Beyond Automation: Driving Strategic Value

Beyond Automation: How Our Legal Tech Solution is Driving Strategic Value 


In recent years, we’ve witnessed a global and dramatic shift from traditional law practice toward digital transformation and modernization. Today, Legal Technology has become an invaluable tool, revolutionizing the legal landscape, and changing the face of law practice as we know it. 

So, while enhancing overall operational efficiency, and empowering data driven business decisions, Legal Tech Solutions like Lexzur also enhance collaboration, help mitigate risks, and reduce costs. Given that, Lexzur is also highly configurable, scalable and adaptable to your firm growth and evolving needs. Let’s take a closer look at the strategic value offered by Lexzur Products. 

From Basics to Mastery: Understanding Lexzur Advanced Legal Tech Solutions   

When it comes to Legal Tech Strategic Value, Lexzur is leading the revolution. With its highly configurable all-in-one Legal Practice Management Software. Lexzur Core supports Advanced Automation features for Workflows, Tasks, and Reminders. And a Complete and Agile Contract Lifecycle Management Software, Contra, that also supports a wide range of automation features. In addition, Lexzur offers two secure communication portals with unbeatable collaboration tools that streamline, speed up and facilitate work with Clients or Legal Advisors. Combining Lexzur products creates an all-encompassing solution to manage everything related to legal work, in any capacity, in one centralized and accessible digital workspace.  

Lexzur Core: Legal Practice Management Software with Workflow & Task Automation 

Everything Legal teams need to manage cases, clients, matters, tasks, documents and much more for complete Legal Practice Optimization. Learn more about Lexzur Core, here.  

    • Streamline Legal Case & Matter Management 

      • Manage Client Intake (CRM) 

        • Automate Workflows Tasks and Reminders 

          • Monitor using Dashboards & Custom Metrics 

            • Stay on Top of Time Billing & Accounting 
            • Archive in a Secure & Searchable Repository 



              Contra: Complete Contract Lifecycle Management with Document Automation 

              Everything you need to automate and manage legal documents – in one workspace. Learn more about how Contra works, here. 

                • Generate & Automate Repetitive Contracts 

                  • Collaborate & Redline in real-time 

                    • Get your Documents Approved and Auto Routed 

                      • Digitize Verifiable Signatures  

                        • Set Alerts and Reminders 

                          • Repository and Meta-data 

                            • Create Custom Reports & KPIs 


                            The Dual Advantage of Lexzur Core + Contra 

                            Lexzur offers a unique all-encompassing solution that fully combines legal process automation with strategic contract management. While Lexzur Core and Contra are two stand-alone products, that can be used separately, they also work together, and integrate seamlessly with one another, becoming one solution that streamlines daily work like never before. Below are a few key advantages:  

                              •  Seamless Workflow & Efficiency Boost:  

                              Now, you can effortlessly manage all legal tasks, client information, and contracts within a unified platform. To clarify, this completely eliminates the need to switch between different tools, manage permissions on various platforms, and re-enter data multiple times. This means streamlining all daily operations regarding matters, tasks, and contract processes. This saves time and effort, and makes it easier to collaborate within the team, and with requesters or clients.  

                                • Holistic Insights, Reduced Risk & Resource Optimization:  

                                When combining the two products, your team will be able to track and optimize operations on a whole new level. This means comprehensive insights into both practice performance and contract lifecycle, allowing your team to make more accurate data-driven decisions. Consequently, risk mitigation and maintaining compliance becomes easier than ever! Additionally, with this holistic view, you’ll be able to allocate your resources efficiently, increasing ROI. 

                                  • Collaborative Environment & Client Satisfaction:  

                                  Additionally, Having both Lexzur Core and Contra fully integrated as one creates a highly collaborative environment that fosters teamwork and synchronicity. Thus, by providing a shared workspace for legal professionals to collaborate on, whether working on cases or contracts, your team will deliver enhanced services. Hence, leading to improved client interactions. This is enhanced further with the addition of Lexzur Portals that we’ll cover in the next section.  

                                    • Centralized Searchable Files & Data:  

                                    Indeed, combining both Lexzur Core and Contra creates a central, secure, and searchable source of truth for everyone on your legal team. Consequently, with highly configurable permissions, and a user-friendly searchable interface, your team can keep all legal practice and contract-related information, documents, and files, in one place, enhancing organization and accessibility.  

                                      • Customizable, Modular, Adaptable & Cost-Effective:  

                                      Furthermore, All Lexzur products are highly configurable, modular, and scalable. They’re designed to be customized and adapted to your exact needs. So, you aren’t paying for anything you don’t need now, and you can add the modules and features you need whenever you’re ready. As a result, combining the functions you want from both the Lexzur Core offering and the Contra offering allows you to respond to evolving client needs and legal requirements more effectively. By having a versatile combined solution, you’re maximizing Legal Software ROI. 


                                      Portals and Integration: The Future of Collaboration 

                                      The Client Portal: 

                                      Centralize Communication and Funnel all Requests to a Self-Service Legal Client Portal for All Legal Professionals. Learn more here. 

                                      The Advisor Portal: 

                                      Manage and streamline all outsourced work processes and collaborate seamlessly using our smart and secure external advisors’ portal for all legal professionals. Learn more here

                                      Integrations and Apps: 

                                      Connect Lexzur products to thousands of the most popular applications to streamline and centralize work across different platforms – no code required. Lexzur offers its own suite of unique solutions to optimize your access to your email and other applications without ever leaving the core system. Learn more here

                                      Testimonials, Case Studies & Real Business Examples  

                                      Moreover, Lexzur Products transcend legal. As a result, our clients range from HR and Procurement departments using Contra exclusively, to entire holding groups using all Lexzur Products, including Lexzur Core, Contra, The Client Portal, The Advisor Portal, and countless integrations that we offer to connect with popular apps they’re already using. 


                                      “The ability to clearly see what’s happening across a midsized law firm in a snapshot has helped streamline our workflow and the ability to customize to our office’s needs was fantastic. Being able to input expenses and time spent on any case or matter in the moment (through the website or the app) gives us greater confidence in catching every dollar and minute.”  – Samantha Bradshaw, Senior Foreign Counsel at Eptalex Law Firm 

                                      “Easy and instinctive use – practical and satisfies practical considerations comprehensive – covers all my daily actions, facilitates teamwork and assignment of matters and tasks, fantastic at track workflow and stages of projects and matters.” – Fivos Sarelis, Senior Legal Consultant at SEDCO 


                                      See more, here.

                                      Success Stories using Lexzur Products: Legal Tech for Business Growth   

                                      Hear from Khalid Hashim, General Counsel and Nouf Adib Al Zamil, Digital Transformation Champion about how Lexzur helps Zamil Group optimize workflows and work distribution with efficiency, full visibility, and enhanced collaboration. Read the full story, here. 

                                      Hear from Anusha Dooboree, Finance and Administrative Manager at JuristConsult, about how Lexzur empowers drives strategic value for their team. With highly configurable legal management software that simplifies and speeds up all operations, and ensures their success with real-time data tracking, custom KPIs, and easily extractable reports. Read the full story, here.  

                                      Hear from Ilja Balkus, General Counsel at PayAlly, how Lexzur is a key factor in their success, facilitating legal matter and contract management, automating workflows, and streamlining contract generation. Read the full story, here. 


                                      In conclusion, some key takeaways from this article are that Lexzur Products have proven to drive strategic value, enhance operational efficiency, empower data-driven decisions, improve oversight, and streamline collaboration. Likewise, improving risk management and compliance and reducing the need for manual labor. Faster, automated processes lead to savings. 

                                      Furthermore, Lexzur products are highly customizable, scalable, adaptable to evolving needs and integrate with other Lexzur products seamlessly, as well as virtually every other popular application being used by professionals today. Certainly, choosing App4Lgeal gives you competitive edge and allows you to stay ahead with the latest innovations in legal tech at your fingertips.  

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