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Contract Lifecycle Management & Document Automation Software for Collections Teams

Improve productivity by automating routine tasks, streamlining document creation and approval, and providing enhanced contract visibility and compliance.

Cut your contract lifecycle in half

Transform Contract Lifecycle Management for your Collections Team and Increase Revenues

Increased efficiency

Streamline processes and automate tasks, such as document creation and tracking, so that collections teams can focus on more high-value tasks

Improved compliance

Ensure adherence to legal and regulatory requirements, standardize contract language and templates, stay compliant, and minimize risk.

Enhanced Visibility

Track payment history and prioritize collections efforts with real-time access to data and analytics, to identify trends & optimize strategies
Features that drive productivity for Collections Teams

Generate & Automate Repetitive Contracts

Upload or Draft Contracts, Proposals, and more from Custom Templates

Create and populate documents such as demand letters and payment or settlement agreements.

Eliminate bottlenecks, reduce errors, and increase accuracy and consistency

Speed up and Simplify Contract Drafting with Automation

Streamlined Document Review & Approval

Centralize and configure automated approval centers 

Track & monitor any changes made to documents in real-time

Secure Permission-Based Access from Anywhere

Set automated notifications and reminders

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Get your Documents & Contracts E-Signed

Authentic & Verifiable e-signatures on the fly.

Embedded e-signature tools like AdobeSign, DocuSign, and LexzurSign powered by Adobe.

Integrates with your own regulated signature solution if needed

Sign unlimited contracts securely from anywhere

Redline, Negotiate, and Collab in Real-Time

Redline, negotiate, and collaborate in real-time allowing permission-based reviewing, editing, and commenting.

Control versioning, naming conventions, and track changes so everyone is on the same page.

Share Files and Documents Securely and Integrate with other Cloud Document Management Solutions.

Instant Video Conferencing among other integrations with Teams, Zoom, WebEx, and more.

Security First

Your data security is our top priority. Lexzur protects your data and the data of your clients with the highest-level security measures

Boost Performance with Full Visibility on Customizable Metrics & KPIs

Track custom KPIs and measure the effectiveness of strategies to increase collection rates.

Identify trends in customer behavior, such as payment patterns and reasons for delinquency

Reduce bottlenecks and areas causing delays in the collections process

Forecast future collections based on historical data, seasonality, and other factors

Customize Single-View Dashboards to monitor performance in real-time & make data-driven decisions.

Secure Searchable Digital Archives & Integrate with Cloud Document Management Solutions

Protect your data such as payment information, personal
details, and credit scores with encryption, access control,
and globally certified security standards. 

Streamline naming conventions and routing, reduce errors and save time.

Keep audit trails and access logs that help with compliance requirements.

Integrate with Cloud Document Management Solutions such as One Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint, Google Drive™, and more.

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Lexzur is designed to accommodate collections teams, offering a comprehensive suite of features that can streamline your legal operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Lexzur offers built-in collaboration tools, advanced document management, contract generation, and workflow automation tools, as well as, custom reporting and analytics, over 5000 integrations, and so much more.

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Lexzur is a full work experience that really makes a difference in your team’s performance. No
code required. Connect all your apps and get them integrated with one platform from Gmail™, Outlook, Slack, Dropbox, and more.

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