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Grow your small law firm with Lexzur

Streamline legal matters, case management, time tracking, billing, invoicing, document management, and client communication, all in one law practice management solution.

Focus on what matters

Law Practice Management Solution for Small Law Firms

Lexzur offers Law Practice Management solutions designed to help small law firms manage their practice more efficiently and keep track of all the details associated with a matter, from client information to important dates and deadlines.


Automation of all operational workflows and administrative tasks, from case management to client communications

Single Workspace

Centralise all legal work and create a single source of truth for all team members with permission-based access.


Streamline collaboration using smart integrations and automatic updates in real-time, eliminating bottlenecks and errors.

Highly Configurable, Feature-Rich Legal Practice Management Solution

Prioritise Task Delegation With Kanban Boards

Client Service: easily handle all clients’ requests and free up time for lawyers to bill for more expensive work.

Accounting: streamline tasks like invoicing, bill collection, and payroll to dedicated software with automated bills, reports, and templates.

Case Management: manage cases, contracts, notes, dates, schedules, expenses, time tracking, and client communications in one platform.

Set Up Financial Benchmarks in Minutes in the Money Module

Financial Management: Track money transactions in a built-in money module with full accounting features that maximize revenues.

Time Billing: Log time spent on cases and matters to streamline transparent billing & invoicing.

Generate Reports:  Monitor firm performance. Generate reports on what’s driving revenue and Identify opportunities to grow your business.


Security First

Your data security is our top priority. Lexzur protects your data and the data of your clients with the highest-level security measures

A Customizable Solution To Grow Your Small Law Firm

Case & Matter Management

Centralized Overview: A centralized system to manage cases, contacts, and documents. Keep track of all the details associated with a matter, from client information to important dates and deadlines.

Workflow Automation: Automate the entire workflow from cases, hearings, real-time case developments with automatic reminders, email updates, and integrated communication portals.

Task Management: Ensure that tasks are completed on time. Manage and automate tasks effectively, and track progress and availability across teams.

Legal Document Management

Digital Archives: Manage, archive, and link all files and documents to their related cases, matters, contacts, and more. Enjoy unlimited data storage, configurable roles or permissions, and a user-friendly, searchable interface.

Live Redlining: Redline and collaborate in real-time using off-the-shelf integrations with Office 365, Google Workspace, Zoom, Teams, and more.

Verifiable E-Signatures: get your documents signed and executed faster using embedded verified e-signature solutions such as LexzurSign powered by Adobe, DocuSign, or AdobeSign.

Real-Time Custom Dashboards & Reporting

Enjoy Full visibility: Visualize and track custom metrics on single-view dashboards illustrating progress on all fronts and get insights on how your firm is performing.

Keep track of team progress: Ensure that tasks are completed on time. Manage and automate tasks effectively, and track progress and availability across teams.

Generate customizable reports: in minutes with the ability to export them in different formats.

Email Collaboration

Tag emails from Gmail™ or Outlook with their associated matter, and get a notification on your matter management board for all to see.

Workflow Tools

Get immediate feedback about the team’s workload. Notifications will be sent for client appointments, urgent events, and reminders.

Built-in billing & Accounting

Generate automatic invoices and effectively manage trust accounts. Make the entire billing and payment process easy, with a built-in time tracker.

Cut your Contract Lifecycle in Half with Contra

Contra is a complete Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Document Automation software for your law firm.

Generate & Automate Repetitive Contracts,  with Custom Templates for Drafting.

Collaborate & Redline  contracts in real-time using embedded tools & off-the-shelf integrations.

Design Automated Approval Centers  with Permission-Based Access.

E-Sign  using LexzurSign, AdobeSign, and DocuSign.

Track progress in real-time  on single view dashboards with custom metrics and KPIs.

Set up In-app or Email Notifications  and Reminders to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Store Secure and Searchable Digital Archives  that integrate with Cloud Document Management Solutions.

The Ultimate Solution For Your Small Law Firm

Transform how you run your small law practice, using legal practice management software that can reduce errors, increase efficiency, and deliver outstanding results to clients.

Reduce the time you spend on burdensome tasks

Control of all your data on one system

Electronic archiving for all documents

Before You Decide – Try it for Free!

Lexzur helps law firms with small teams and limited resources by taking care of
operational and managerial tasks. Focus on billable tasks that would make a difference
in firm performance.

Connect Your Favourite Apps

Lexzur is a full work experience that really makes a difference in your team’s performance. No
code required. Connect all your apps and get them integrated with one platform from Gmail™, Outlook, Slack, Dropbox, and more.

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