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      Archive and capture your Outlook emails & attachments directly to the system

      Send your emails in Gmail™ to your Matters, Cases, Contracts

      Integrate Microsoft Teams with Lexzur to unleash the power of collaboration

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Discover our Apps & Integrations

Connect Lexzur products to thousands of the most popular applications to streamline, and centralize work across different platforms – no code required. 

Explore the Connect Suite

Lexzur offers its own suite of unique solutions to optimize your access to your email and other applications without ever leaving the core system. 

Outlook Connect

Integrate your Microsoft Outlook Email with Lexzur to seamlessly log and track emails, threads, and attachments to the core system directly from your inbox. You can also use this integration to attach files, data and documents from within the core system to your emails.

Lexzur Connect for Google Workspace™

Integrate your entire Google Workspace™ with Lexzur to easily send, receive, edit, and share emails and attachments, documents, sheets, and so much more. Use this integration as a two-way link between your Google account and your Lexzur instance. 

Microsoft Teams

Integrate your Microsoft Teams account with Lexzur to seamlessly access and collaborate on legal matters and documents, scan recent communications, and plan for upcoming events directly from the appropriate team or channel in Microsoft Teams 

Discover our APPs

Lexzur APPs seamlessly link the central core system to supporting secondary platforms. Save time and increase productivity by using these apps to reduce the effort spent synchronizing, collaborating, and following up on work. 

Draft, Redline, and Manage Word Documents

Easily draft, redline, design custom templates, use clause banks, and manage your documents to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and allow your legal team to concentrate on higher value work.

Securely Collaborate on Contracts during Webex Meetings

Access all your contracts during the call, make changes to the contract in real-time, and set permissions to allow access to specific users to view, edit, approve, and save. 

Centralize and Manage Shared Documents in One Space

Integrate Seamlessly with Google Drive™, One Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint, and similar solutions to centralize access to all files and documents shared, in one smart user-friendly space. Use this integration to save time and avoid version control or naming issues. 

E-Sign with One Click

Connect your DocuSign account to Lexzur for the ability to e-sign legal documents and contracts without leaving the core system. 

Adobe Acrobat Sign App

Lexzur fully integrates with Adobe Acrobat Sign. This means users can seamlessly connect to their existing AdobeSign account with all available tools and features, or use LexzurSign powered by Adobe, without the need to get a separate e-signature service contract and deployment from Adobe.

5000+ Integrations with Popular Apps

Custom API Integration

Lexzur offers custom API integration, creating a customizable connection between the tools and applications you’re using, and Lexzur software. This allows users to seamlessly exchange and sync data between platforms, reduce errors, automate processes, streamline workflows, facilitate collaboration, and drive more efficiency and productivity. Lexzur’s custom API integrations are designed to meet the unique needs of your legal team, ensuring a tailored solution that fully optimizes your legal practice management processes.