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      Centralize and manage Corporate Matters, Litigation Cases, Hearings, Tasks, Legal Data and more

      Have full control over Document Automation and Contract Lifecycle Management


      Connect and communicate with your clients from your branded portal
      Manage and streamline purposeful collaborations with external advisors


      Archive and capture your Outlook emails & attachments directly to the system

      Send your emails in Gmail™ to your Matters, Cases, Contracts

      Integrate Microsoft Teams with Lexzur to unleash the power of collaboration

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Enjoy Full Transparency, Consistency, and Accountability

Centralize and streamline all outsourced work processes and collaborate seamlessly using our smart and secure external advisors' portal for all legal professionals.

Self-Service Workspace

View, follow up on, and manage current and upcoming tasks, hearings, time logs, and so much more, within one smart virtual space. Eliminate the need to call or sift through emails, saving time and reducing errors.

Secure & Accessible

All communications and data shared via the Lexzur Advisor Portal are protected with bank-level security measures, making the portal easily accessible and secure from anywhere, on any device.

Increased Collaboration

Collaborating on matters and contracts with external advisors has never been easier. View & access the latest updates on matters, cases, hearings, or documents. Add notes with attachments, and comment in real time.

Highly Configurable

Whether advisors are consultants, legal experts, accountants, or external lawyers, configure every aspect of the portal; including permissions, functions, look & feel, dashboards, and every value other in the system.

Key Features for Advisors

Manage & Streamline Communication

Centralize and streamline all communication; from notes or comments on related matters, cases, hearings, or documents, to shared files, and updates to content in the system. Access, view, edit, update workflow stages, add related tasks and documents, and manage your time using an embedded timer.

Custom Dashboards & Metrics

View current and upcoming tasks, hearings, and time logs, on one page, using smart widgets that visualize your data in different formats. Track effort and progress on all fronts, optimize processes based on this data, and customize every widget and trackable metric to fit your needs.

Automatic Updates and Notifications

Any time an action is taken on a matter, contract, or case, you are notified and updated in the portal. This allows everyone to stay on the same page, while no time is wasted going back and forth between emails and calls, checking for updates.

Key Features for Legal Teams

Full Visibility & Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborate in real-time seamlessly and in one place. No need to make a call or sift through thousands of emails to follow up on outsourced work. Legal teams can even track progress on all outsourced matters, cases, documents, and more, at any instant. 

Centralize & Enhance Organization

All outsourced work related to any external advisor is centralized in one smart space. Organize, structure, and synchronize work between all the members of the legal team and concerned parties. The Advisor portal offers one central source of truth.

Consistency and Accountability

Consistency is essential to optimize internal workflows and processes. Building and applying consistent standards and procedures allows the legal team to measure and improve, as well as establishing accountability on both sides; for the legal team and the external advisors.

Your data security is our top priority at Lexzur.

Lexzur has taken the effort to make sure that our software is encrypted and complies with industry best practices with regard to managing data in order to provide the best security standards available.

Link Lexzur with 5000+ Apps

Connect Lexzur products to thousands of the most popular applications to streamline and centralize work across different platforms – no code required.

Trusted by thousands of lawyers as the most flexible Advisor Portal that enhances collaboration between legal teams and advisors.

Lexzur Advisor Portal is a highly customizable, white label software, allowing users the ability to brand and the control settings to the finest detail, making it fit for any department of any size, in any industry.