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Lexzur Partner Program



Become A Partner

Become a Partner

Easy-to-use contract lifecycle management solution that helps businesses manage their end-to-end document and contract processes efficiently and securely, so they can drive better business outcomes. 

Designed for use by all contract stakeholders: Management, HR, Finance, Procurement, Sales, and more…

A complete law practice management solution. Enabling law firms and in-house legal practitioners to manage cases, automate their work processes, and electronically sign documents. 

Track, Plan & Collaborate inside the Legal Team with high agility. 

Why Lexzur?

Lexzur is the only combination Legal Workflow and Contract Lifecycle Management solution: providing a unique suite for the legal field to completely digitize and streamline their work.

It’s the only Central Software Workspace that encompasses all the tools and features needed for Law Firms and In-House Legal Teams in any industry.

How can you generate profits as an Lexzur Partner?

Existing Networks

We are confident that you are already speaking to our ideal clients. They are probably your current clients or prospects. You won’t need to look too far to find the right prospects to use Lexzur.

Recurring Revenue

Lexzur has a 90% customer retention rate, meaning our clients are continuously loyal to and satisfied with our products. Our renewal rate guarantees recurring revenue streams straight into your accounts.

Dedicated Manager

We pair you up with a dedicated Channel Manager so that you can streamline your efforts and formulate the most effective strategy to grow your business and maximize your profits.

Easy Implementations

Sales cycles are short, and our team is exceptional at facilitating all implementations. Once a client is signed up, Lexzur will deal with all support issues that arise.

Gain Access to the Lexzur Partner Portal

As a partner, you will receive access to the APP: a centralized portal specifically for partners to learn about Lexzur, access any materials they may need to assist them, complete their sales and training certifications, and much more…

Benefits of Partnering with Lexzur

Channel Manager

Access to a dedicated channel manager to help you to grow your business

Marketing Support

Benefit from access to marketing materials, exposure on our website, and the opportunity to create co-marketing campaigns.

Financial Discounts

Reselling discounts on Subscriptions, Contract Management, Apps, SE & Services

Sales Support

Provide sales training & Support for all solutions

Partner Portal

Access to the partner portal that includes all needed materials, knowledge and news

Technical Support

Provide technical training and SE packages discounts

Quotes From Partner Success Stories

“It has been a pleasure to partner with Lexzur, but even better to work with the team. They have provided support every step of the way. The partner program is very well structured. Documentation is available along with direct contacts for remote support.

Parmesh Pallanee
Senior Solutions Architect

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the frequently asked questions from prospective Partners.

You can apply using this form.

Lexzur will offer technical and sales enablement for all new Partners so they would be able to sell and implement App4legal.

Yes, we do. It’s all involved in the program!

Our marketing team will coordinate with you so that you are able to maximize your presence not just on our website, but on our other platforms as well!

There are 3 levels of Partnerships. You start with the Silver, then Gold, then Platinum, each level coming with their own set of benefits and commitments. Contact our Channel Manager to find out more about the program.

With every level of Partnership comes a different set of commitment and benefits. If you want to advance from one level to another, you must meet certain requirements in terms of sales revenue and others. Contact our Channel Manager to find out more about these requirements.

You don’t need to sign up in each country, you will be able to sell in the region that you are present in and that you are covering.