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      Have full control over Document Automation and Contract Lifecycle Management


      Connect and communicate with your clients from your branded portal
      Manage and streamline purposeful collaborations with external advisors


      Archive and capture your Outlook emails & attachments directly to the system

      Send your emails in Gmail™ to your Matters, Cases, Contracts

      Integrate Microsoft Teams with Lexzur to unleash the power of collaboration

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Juggling emails, calls, & texts, to service multiple clients on different channels?

Centralize Communication and Funnel all Requests to a Self-Service Legal Client Portal for All Legal Professionals.

Self-Service Workspace

A complete virtual platform for clients to make requests, view and update case documents, add notes with attachments, and keep track of pending matters or contracts.

Secure & Accessible

Clients can secure all communications and client data with bank-level security measures, and still be able to enjoy easy access to all portal features from anywhere, on any device.

Increased Collaboration

Clients will be able to view and access the latest updates on their matters as well as provide their lawyers with the requested information easily, and comment on progress in real time.

Highly Configurable

Customize the portal to fit the needs of your clients or requesters. Configure types of requests, the values within the forms to be filled out by the clients, and workflow stages that follow.

Key Features for Clients

Make Requests & Instantly Follow up

Quickly request corporate matters, tasks, contracts, and more, directly through the portal. Instantly follow up on all pending requests to see what updates have occurred without the need to reach out via email or call.

Add Comments to Requests in Progress

When following up on pending requests, clients or requesters can add comments that will be added in real-time and automatically notify the team receiving the request. This reduces costs and time spent servicing clients.

Automatic Updates and Notifications

Any time an action is taken on a matter, contract, or case relating to a specific client, that client is notified and updated in the portal. This allows everyone to stay on the same page, while no time is wasted going back and forth between emails and calls, checking for updates.

Key Features for Legal Teams

Improve Client Intake

While clients or requesters will enjoy the ease of access, transparency, and seamless collaboration, Legal Teams will benefit from the simple yet advanced, customizable input settings and organizational structures, including the ability to customize request types, permissions, and so much more.

Share Notes, Updates, Documents & Files

Eliminate the need to sift through thousands of emails to find the latest update to a document, an essential attachment, or a simple note or feedback from the client. Easily share, update, and collaborate on matters, cases, and contracts in real time, and in one searchable space.

Customize the Workspace & Organize Data

The Client Portal, like most Lexzur products, is white labeled. Allowing its admin users to customize the look and feel, including branding, as well as configure the settings and features to fit their needs or the needs of their clients and requesters.

Your data security is our top priority at Lexzur.

Lexzur has taken the effort to make sure that our software is encrypted and complies with industry best practices with regard to managing data in order to provide the best security standards available.

Link Lexzur with 5000+ Apps

Connect Lexzur products to thousands of the most popular applications to streamline and centralize work across different platforms – no code required.

Trusted by thousands of lawyers as the most flexible Client Portal that enhances collaboration between legal teams and clients.

Lexzur Client Portal is a highly customizable, white label software, allowing users the ability to brand and the control settings to the finest detail, making it fit for any department of any size, in any industry.