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Procurement Contract Lifecycle is easier than ever with Lexzur Solutions!

AI Powered CLM software and dynamic mobile app

Customize approval workflow with multi-level process

Proactive spend and policy controls, and audit trails

Seamless accounting / ERP integrations

Autofill expense reports, and PO processes

Notifications for Invoice approval, receiving, and exception

Advanced analytics and reporting on Budget, and spend visibility

Track supplier approval and compliance

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Easily Generate Purchase Orders, Contracts, and Quotation Requests

With Contra, all document drafting can be automated using pre-defined custom templates that auto-populate your document in minutes, after filling out the necessary details in a short questionnaire.

Design custom templates for POs, Requests, Contract

Ensure consistency and compliance, and reduce errors

Save time and resources on repetitive document drafting

Collaborate, Negotiate and Redline Seamlessly in Real-Time

Procurement Teams are constantly sharing messages, files, and documents, as well as collaborating in real time with external parties and stakeholders. Contra simplifies and streamlines communication across the board.

Redline & Negotiate Contracts Remotely, Securely, and in Real-Time

Use notes and attachments linked to specific documents or parts of documents.

Collaborate with Vendors and Suppliers through the Lexzur Client Portal

Off-the-shelf Integrations with over 5000 popular
collaboration tools and applications

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Streamline Approvals with Configurable Automated Workflows

Every stage from the initial purchase request to budget and invoicing can be approved by specific members of your team, other internal departments, such as finance, or external contacts, such as a law firm or legal advisor.

Establish Custom Workflows and Approval Stages with Permission-Based Access

Improve Collaboration, create a Single Source of Truth, and reduce Bottlenecks

Monitor progress for pending contracts and documents and set up automatic notifications.

Digitize Signatures & Streamline Contract Execution & Compliance

Contra offers many options for globally verified Electronic Signatures; the embedded LexzurSignature Workflow, AdobeSign or DocuSign. After signature, Contra helps you ensure compliance and see to it that all parties adhere to their obligations.

Get your Contracts e-Signed with authentic Electronic
Signature Workflows

Manage deliverables, timelines, and milestones with
automated notifications

Avoid legal disputes, mitigate risks, and maintain proper documentation

Track Custom Metrics and KPIs and Make Informed Business Decisions

Contra empowers its users to make data driven decisions. Users can customize their dashboards and reports, in terms of expiring contracts, contracts awaiting signature, contract owners, contract values and so much more.

Enjoy Full Visibility on Custom Metrics & KPIs in real time using Dashboards

Spend less time extracting data and more time analyzing it to make informed decisions

Use collected data to optimize workflows and processes and improve accountability.

Create Secure & Searchable Digital Archives of all Contracts, Documents, and Files

Contra offers its users a smart and secure repository with the ability to easily search for and extract data, use filters, and integrate with all other cloud document management solutions, off-the-shelf.

Keep Secure & Searchable Digital Archives in one smart and central workspace

Directly Connect to SharePoint, Dropbox, One Drive, and so many more

Set permission-based access to view or edit specific
documents, with automatic notifications when changes are made.

Keep Records of Communication & Create a Digital Audit Trail

Centralize, Track, and Securely Archive all correspondence with internal departments and external parties. This streamlines communication and is crucial for audit and compliance purposes.

Use Lexzur Portals to simplify collaboration & centralize all communication

Easily access past conversations with the click of a button

Record how processes and conversations were carried out.


Security First

Your data security is our top priority. Lexzur protects your data and the data of your clients with the highest-level security measures

Integrate with Existing Software

If you’re already using an ERP or a Supplier Management System to track supplier information and financials, you can avoid double data entry. Contra will integrate with the tools and applications you’re already using.

Before You Decide – Try it for Free!

Lexzur is designed to accommodate Procurement teams, offering a comprehensive suite of features that can streamline your legal operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Lexzur offers built-in collaboration tools, advanced document management, contract generation, and workflow automation tools, as well as, custom reporting and analytics, over 5000 integrations, and so much more.

Connect Your Favourite Apps

Lexzur is a full work experience that really makes a difference in your team’s performance. No
code required. Connect all your apps and get them integrated with one platform from Gmail™, Outlook, Slack, Dropbox, and more.

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