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Real Estate Contract Management Solution

Streamline contract management for any level of the real estate industry. Automate contracts, and provide a centralized location for storing, negotiating, and monitoring all contractual transactions.

Cut your contract lifecycle in half


all your departments

Legal Practice Management

Contact Lifecycle Management

Create a seamless connection between all departments with our legal tech solutions

Contract Management Software Solution For Any Level Of The Real Estate Industry

Real estate agents 

Create and manage contracts and their metadata for listing and selling properties.


Manage contracts, drafts, and lease documents for your brokering properties.

Property managers

Manage leases and rental agreements for all real estate operations.

Legal teams

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and facilitate collaboration with all parties.

Corporate and Real Estate Contract Management
Solution That Suits Every Contract Requirement

Create and template  the contract content for future

Ensure maximum contract productivity through
collaboration and internal review of documents

An elegant interface  that enables users to navigate easily without a hassle

Gain valuable insights through the integration of ERPs

Enforce compliance with terms and conditions by tracking the performance throughout a contract’s lifecycle

Never miss a deadline with customized notifications

Smart Real Estate Contract Management System with Advanced Features that Streamline Your Business
Contra offers a fully customizable automated contract management life cycle, which can be configured based on your business processes with any degree of complexity. Easily collaborate with colleagues, external partners, or tenants with signature routing.

Generate & Automate Repetitive Contracts

Draft your real estate contracts from scratch or use configurable templates that auto-populate your real-estate contracts in seconds.

Auto-generate your real estate contracts

Import and save premade document templates

Configure every aspect of the workflow

Boost Internal & External Collaboration and Redlining

Empower real-time collaboration allowing stakeholders to review, edit, and sign contracts from anywhere. Track changes in real time & maintain compliant audit trails.

Controlled external collaboration

Stable and robust review environment

Advanced access levels and controls

Real-time review

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Workflow and Approval Automation

Configure and automate workflows to streamline contract review, approval, and signature.

Eliminate manual approval processes

Improve visibility through real-time updates

Enforce business rules and regulations


Security First

Your data security is our top priority. Lexzur protects your data and the data of your clients with the highest-level security measures

Electronic Document Signature

Speed up contract approval processes and close more real estate transactions. 

Improve workplace collaboration

Integrates with popular e-sign apps

Eliminate repetitive signing

Set Alerts and Reminders

Stay on top of key real estate contract responsibilities such as renewals, closing dates, increases, and contingencies. Mitigate risk, ensuring relevant individuals are notified.

Stay up-to-date at every stage

Never miss a deadline again

Increase compliance between teams

Document Management and Archiving

Store, access, and manage all real estate-related documents such as contracts for properties, tenants, loans, and departments in a central repository for easy retrieval.

Reduce  Storage Space

Better Collaboration and Easier Retrieval

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Better Backup and Disaster Recovery

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Smart reporting and analytics dashboards to track, manage, and access reports on expiring or pending contracts, custom values, and more with just a few clicks.

Responsive Analytics dashboards

Detailed performance and productivity metrics

Customized analytics and insights

Reports for data-driven decisions

The Best Real Estate Contract Management Solution
Reduce errors, improve efficiency, and mitigate risk in the real estate industry. Contra streamlines the often complicated process of managing contracts in the real estate industry.

Lexzur offers built-in collaboration tools, advanced document management, contract generation, and workflow automation tools, as well as, custom reporting and analytics, over 5000 integrations, and so much more.

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