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Holding Group




Core & Contra

About Zamil Group

Zamil Group is a family-owned investment holding company with a diverse portfolio of Wholly Owned, Joint Venture and Publicly Listed businesses engaged in Building Materials, Manufacturing, Offshore, Petrochemicals, Trade and Services, Real Estate and Investment. Established in 1920, Zamil Group has a rich, 100-year history of building the business while adding real value to the economies and societies in which it operates and serves. The Group’s sustainable approach, together with an expert team, strong core values, and pragmatic strategies, has been key to the Group’s longevity over the last century and continues to drive its growth today.

About Nouf Adib Al Zamil

Director of the Corporate Communications & ICT department at Zamil Group Holding, Nouf Adib Al Zamil played a leadership role in championing the company’s digital transformation initiative in 2019, overseeing multi-functional management functions and ensuring the Group’s digital strategy was optimized for current and emerging opportunities while also leading ICT program management, risk management, fin-tech management, and corporate communications as part of the overall ICT governance direction. 

About Khalid Hashim

Currently, General Counsel at Zamil Group Holding Company. 
Recent private practice as a consultant in Oil & Gas and telecom laws, regulations and contracts. 
Previous full-time role was Chief Corporate Affairs, Legal & Regulatory Officer at Expresso Telecom Group. Responsible for overseeing and coordinating legal activities and functions to ensure Expresso’s legal structure is developed and maintained. In addition to managing the legal and compliance activities, responsible for managing the Group’s communication function, the main objective of which is to manage the public reputation of the company as well as developing effective delivery of information and corporate communication to Expresso employees. 
Prior to joining Expresso in 2009, worked with Schlumberger for about seven years, mostly as a Legal/Contracts Manager covering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Pakistan. Then worked as a Legal/Contracts Manager for Schlumberger Oilfield Services and Schlumberger Information Solutions, managing nine countries among them: Sudan, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, & Iraq. 

Transforming Legal Operations: How Lexzur Drives Success & Boosts Efficiency at Zamil Group

We had the pleasure to interview both Nouf Adib Al Zamil, digital transformation champion, and Khalid Hashim, General Counsel at Zamil Group. They found Lexzur through a popular digital transformation procurement solution. After inputting their desired requirements, the solution provided options, and Zamil Group found Lexzur to be the most suitable, in terms of localization, accessibility, and usability. 

We were drawn to the localization of the software for the Arab region. Lexzur is compliant with region-specific rules and regulations, Arabic language formatting, and other functional benefits. It’s also very accessible as a product, and the user interface is great!
– Nouf Adib Al Zamil, Digital Transformation Champion –

When we compared Lexzur to many other solutions, we found it was the best fit for our needs
Khalid Hashim, General Counsel

Features that Drive Success for the Legal Team at Zamil Group

Contract Lifecycle Management & Automation

We asked Khalid Hashim about the types of problems they were facing at Zamil Group, before implementing Lexzur technology. He emphasized that their contract management processes were done manually, and this would cause steps to be overlooked and errors or delays to arise.  

At Zamil Group, we follow some work processes related to contract lifecycle management, specifically contract drafting, reviewing, approval and signing. We used to do all of these processes manually; the traditional way. Some people used to skip some stages of the contract and just sign it at the end.

Using Contra by Lexzur made it easy to bring all involved together in one workspace where everyone could track progress and be part of the process from start to finish. Now 99% of our contract management approval is automated using the Lexzur system.
Khalid Hashim, General Counsel

Going Paperless

Nouf Adib Al Zamil remembers when papers were the only means to get legal work done at Zamil Group. The tedious and repetitive processes, bottlenecks, and errors that unnecessarily slow down legal operations at every stage. Now with Lexzur, the legal department is fully automated. 

Going paperless has greatly impacted our productivity and efficiency. The time we used to waste sending a paper around! Whereas now, all board members can be online in an instant and approve or sign documents with the click of a button from anywhere.
– Nouf Adib Al Zamil, Digital Transformation Champion –

Full Visibility and Better Time Management

Khalid Hashim and Nouf Adib Al Zamil describe how easy it has become for General Counsel or Team Leaders to have full visibility on team progress, time spent, and other real-time custom metrics to measure KPIs.  

Now, for example, the General Counsel is clearly able to see the tasks that each team member is working on, which tasks have been completed, and the rate at which they are completed. This allows for clear assessment of time needed for a specific workload.
– Nouf Adib Al Zamil, Digital Transformation Champion –

This helps us a lot when it comes optimizing workflows and work distribution, not to mention a huge efficiency booster for extracting detailed reports and analyzing custom metrics.
Khalid Hashim, General Counsel

Automated Reminders and Notifications

This feature is extremely important to the team at Zamil Group. This ensures that nothing falls through the cracks, and that every member of the team can be proactive when it comes to important dates, deadlines, hearings, etc.

Reminders make it easy to keep track and follow up on all the different dates and expirations. Automated reminders sent via email and in-app keep everyone on the same page, so nothing is missed.
– Nouf Adib Al Zamil, Digital Transformation Champion –

Highly Dedicated Support and Training from Lexzur

The team at Zamil Group was very impressed by the Training and Support provided by Lexzur.  

The way Lexzur handled our training and support was thoughtful and thorough. They created a group channel so we could all collaborate, organize, and ask questions. This is what worked best for our team. The Training was excellent, we all really enjoyed it. Moving forward, every request sent to the Lexzur Support Team has been promptly answered and resolved.

I absolutely recommend Lexzur, especially for the Arab regions and specifically for companies in KSA.
Nouf Adib Al Zamil, Digital Transformation Champion –

I’m happy and satisfied! They are very responsive and help us with anything we need! I would definitely recommend Lexzur solutions for enterprise and groups.
Khalid Hashim, General Counsel –