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      Centralize and manage Corporate Matters, Litigation Cases, Hearings, Tasks, Legal Data and more

      Have full control over Document Automation and Contract Lifecycle Management


      Connect and communicate with your clients from your branded portal
      Manage and streamline purposeful collaborations with external advisors


      Archive and capture your Outlook emails & attachments directly to the system

      Send your emails in Gmail™ to your Matters, Cases, Contracts

      Integrate Microsoft Teams with Lexzur to unleash the power of collaboration

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      Get the max out of your products and modules from a dedicated Solution Expert
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Solution Expert

Each legal team is unique, so we offer an experienced solution expert to help you get the technical assistance you need at all levels. The Solution Expert SE is an experienced advisor from Lexzur who knows the ins and outs of the system. SE partners with you to help you get the max-out of your Lexzur solution.

Solution Expert Benefits

Remote Implementation

SE provides the technical expertise and best practices to help you quickly and effectively implement, migrate and configure Lexzur anytime, anywhere.

Remote live Training

Our SE will make it easy to empower your team with the needed knowledge and ensure they know everything about the Lexzur modules they’re working on.

On-time Assistance

Do you have an urgency? You are covered with a SE. Dedicated technical experts ready to help your users to resolve your challenges. You can also get on-site assistance with a customizable package.

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Solution Experts to make it easy for you to practice law

Whether you need assistance getting started or a thorough tutorial about the powerful features of Lexzur, our Solution Expert is here to make sure you’re getting the most out of the Lexzur software.

Solution Experts help you get more done in less time. Our technology streamlines your workflows, supercharges your profits, and helps you increase client satisfaction. We make it easier and faster to practice law.

More Lexzur Core Features

Litigation Management

Consolidate all the information that is relevant to a litigation case in one simple, accessible, and easy to use platform.

Client Management

Have a centralized contact database to ensure you will always have access to the most accurate and current client's data.

Time Tracking

Be more productive; create project scope, record work hours and keep everything on track with the insightful data.

Financial Management​

Track all money transactions in a built-in billing module with full accounting features that maximize efficiency and revenues.

Document Management System​

Keep all documents in one platform where you can find and share documents quickly and identify who last edited them.

Corporate Management

Make your corporate more collaborative, accessible and efficient with the leading practice management software

Notifications System

Get instant notifications of any updates that happen within your firm and be alerted on-time to achieve your legal tasks.


Drive performance and get insightful reports. Analyze workflow performance and share the time tracking data.


Stay Reminded and have a roll-up of all firm-wide appointments, deadlines, and staff meetings on one central calendar.

Track all intellectual properties such as trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other intellectual property means.

Get started today

Getting started with Lexzur is so easy. No need to fear—we have plenty of resources to help you hit the ground running!