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      Centralize and manage Corporate Matters, Litigation Cases, Hearings, Tasks, Legal Data and more

      Have full control over Document Automation and Contract Lifecycle Management


      Connect and communicate with your clients from your branded portal
      Manage and streamline purposeful collaborations with external advisors


      Archive and capture your Outlook emails & attachments directly to the system

      Send your emails in Gmail™ to your Matters, Cases, Contracts

      Integrate Microsoft Teams with Lexzur to unleash the power of collaboration

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      Get the max out of your products and modules from a dedicated Solution Expert
      Explore and Shop all Lexzur Integrated Applications - No code required.
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Premium Support

Solution Expert

Elevate Your Legal Tech Experience: Meet Your Premium Support Expert

Harness the full power of our legal tech solutions with your own Support Expert, key to navigating the complexities of technology integration, customization, and optimization.

Our Support Experts are dedicated professionals offering a world of profound knowledge, experience, and strategic guidance. Ready to stand by your side, on-site or remotely.

Benefits of Having Your Own Premium Support Expert

Meticulously Tailored Solutions

Benefit from a system that is completely configured to fit your organization’s specific needs, ensuring you get the most out of our software, and elevating your actual work processes with extreme precision.

Live On-Demand Support

Have access to expert assistance whenever you need it. You can choose to have our expert available on-site or remotely, to address any issues, questions, or enhancements in real time.

Continuous Improvement

Stay ahead with regular updates and refinements, so your legal tech ecosystem is always aligned with your evolving business goals. Focus on what matters, knowing that your tech is in capable hands.

How Our Premium Support Experts Support You

When you choose our Support Expert service, you’re choosing a dedicated partner to empower your legal technology journey .

Personalized Support
Your Support Expert is your go-to resource, for an additional layer of premium support, tailored to your unique needs. Whether on-site or remote, they’ll be there to assist, guide, and ensure everything is finely tuned to your requirements.

Post Go-Live Assistance
The Support Expert steps in to provide expert support and guidance once your instance is up and running. They’re here to help you make the most of our software and assist with any additional customizations or configurations you may need.

Maximizing Integration
Your Support Experts specialize in connecting your legal tech solutions with other essential applications to create a central seamless experience. With over 5000 integrated applications to choose from, your Support Expert will streamline your workflows and help you achieve peak efficiency.

Continuous Improvement
Your Support Expert will work with you to identify areas for improvement, implement best practices, and keep
your legal tech ecosystem up to date, ensuring the technology evolves with your needs.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

These collected FAQs provide answers to basic questions about Solution Expert pricing plans.

You can upgrade from a package to another at any moment. If your engagement is on a yearly basis, your downgrade will be effective at the billing anniversary.

No. Subscription fees for SE are billed annually. A SE will integrate your team and will help you get the max-out of your Lexzur.

It is important to pick a package that matches your needs. Consider what your business needs and act accordingly. Read all the features to choose which package is the best for you. 

You have 30 days money-back guarantee on Lexzur Products from the date of purchase.

There is no separate cancellation charge levied by Lexzur. Once you cancel you won’t be charged for any additional fees. You can cancel at any moment.