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About Juristconsult Chambers 

Juristconsult chambers is an innovative leading business law firm in Mauritius which also services the neighboring islands of Reunion, Madagascar and Seychelles. They are a law firm registered with the Attorney General’s office & a member of the DLA Piper Africa network (DLA Piper). They provide unrivalled legal services, and are committed to helping their clients achieve business goals. 

About Anusha Dooboree 

Anusha Dooboree is an experienced Financial Manager with over 15 years of experience in various sectors of the industry.  With strong technical accounting knowledge and critical thinking, she is also skilled in Negotiation, Management, Risk Management, and Corporate Finance. She is committed to driving continuous improvements for finance operations through the identification and implementation of process enhancement opportunities. Anusha is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and also holds a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.). 

Case Study

In their search for legal practice management software, Juristconsult’s team came across many different solutions and had many demo sessions with different legal tech software providers. Ultimately, they couldn’t find a software that fit their exact needs, until they found Lexzur 

We’re not a huge company, we’re small to mid-sized, and we needed a software that was simple, with a friendly user interface that would be easy to implement and get our users to start using it  right away. Other solutions seemed over-complicated. On top of that, the ability to customize made App4Legal the right choice for us.

Features that drive productivity at Juristconsult

Anusha Dooboree explains how the team at Juristconsult is fully adapted to the use of Lexzur, and how essential it has become to facilitating daily work and driving productivity and efficiency for team members. 

Matters are created every day, time entries are well recorded, our users are very active on the system. Overall, we’re happy with the software, and this year we’re diving deeper into features like document management.

Highly Customizable & User-Friendly Interface 

Lexzur is an extremely configurable software. Users can fully customize their instance to fit their team’s exact needs; including adding or removing modules and editing every single variable in the system. Anusha Dooboree highlights the need for a highly configurable system at Juristconsult.

We wanted something customizable. On Lexzur, we made a lot of changes that suited our needs. We worked with the team at Lexzur to configure the settings and create a complete digital workspace that actually works for our firm.

Easily Extractable Reports & More Time to Analyze  

Previously, using another software, the legal team would spend more time compiling and extracting the reports than they would analyzing and interpreting the data. Anusha Dooboree sheds light on this issue; 

It can be time consuming to extract clear, useful reports. We were spending more time compiling than analyzing. With Lexzur, one click, and you’ve exported the report, then you can focus on analyzing.” 

Now, Juristconsult has more information; like the profitability of matters and the efficiency of processes. These reports help lawyers understand the importance of time management.  

Our lawyers add details to each matter that help with the reporting, such as; where matters are referred from, this helps us align our marketing strategies.” 

They get real-time information on the dashboards. For example, in the money module we have our widgets set up for collections and invoicing, so partners can track in real time. Dashboards are important for Partners, it helps track relevant KPIs.” 

Seamless Implementation, Excellent Training & Ongoing Support

The team at Juristconsult enjoyed the fast and easy implementation of Lexzur, and how efficiently they were trained on the software. Anusha Dooboree credited the Lexzur support team for their quick responses and ability to find solutions.  

From training and implementation to the support throughout, Lexzur is always quick to respond, and find solutions for us. We never had an issue with support. When we raise a ticket, it gets sorted properly. This is very important to us.” 

On a scale from 1 to 10, I’d give Lexzur a 9! There’s always room for improvement, but it’s great!” 

We want to maximize the application of the software, going more in depth! Our users have become adapted to it, so this year, we’ll be really making the most of it and pushing it further.”