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Financial Services


United Kingdom



About PayAlly

PayAlly was founded in 2017 by a team of international entrepreneurs and banking professionals with the goal of streamlining international commerce. PayAlly’s mission is to provide companies of any scale with advanced financial solutions coupled with first-class customer service and access to dedicated account managers. 

As the world of finance is rushing into non-personal communication, PayAlly strives to remain personable and offer an exclusive solution. For the company, every client matters, regardless of size or transaction volume.  

Working at PayAlly means being a part of an international team of like-minded professionals working in a fast-growing business and utilizing the most innovative products as well as delivering customized and personalized digital services for their clients. The team takes pride in working with global clients, using up-to-date technology and financial solutions, and offering a personalized approach to each client. 

Their people are their biggest assets, which is why they care about social protection, invest in people and offer any new joiner the chance to be part of a successful financial service business.  

PayAlly Limited is a private limited company registered in England and Wales (company number 10600055). PayAlly Limited is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2017 and Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (FRN774327) for the provision of payment and e-money issuing services.

About Ilja Balkus

Ilja Balkus is a General Counsel and Company Secretary at PayAlly Ltd, an electronic money institution in the UK. He is a Solicitor in England and Wales and has worked as a lawyer in private practice and in-house for over a decade. Before becoming General Counsel, he was a criminal, regulatory, healthcare, property, and corporate governance lawyer.

Case Study

Mr. Ilja Balkus was looking for a contract management and matter management software for the Legal Team at PayAlly. Initially, the team was very new, and relatively small. When Mr. Balkus started working at PayAlly, and established the team; he was keen on having a proper LPMS & CLM software, from the start.

Having worked in law firms, I know how important it is to have a contract and matter management software. Otherwise, you’re just getting lost in thousands of emails that you’re going through…

Mr. Balkus looked through half a dozen different systems, and was faced with a recurring issue. The pricing is always too high, and this was not feasible for their budget, and for their rather small team. Finally, and after being referred, Mr. Balkus found Lexzur to be the most valuable for its price.

Lexzur has a very generous trial. Which is great because it takes a while to figure out if a software actually works for you. So, having done the trial, I thought, well, this is 90% of what I need. And, the other 10% is being developed upon request.

Features that drive success for the Legal Team

Mr. Balkus is impressed by the massive potential to scale Lexzur’s workspace. He finds the software to be extremely effective, and has experienced the impact on productivity and efficiency, first hand. Moreover, Mr. Balkus appreciates the constant developments and improvements to the system, since he started using Lexzur. He also emphasizes Lexzur’s responsiveness to suggestions for updates and developments to the system.

The price is good, the service is certainly good, and there’s potential to scale it. The more I continue working, the better the service is getting. All of the updates are always welcome. You’re certainly doing things right.

Collaborating on Contracts Internally and with Clients

At PayAlly, every member of the legal team has a very specific role, defined tasks, and is specialized in their area. Mr. Balkus assumes a more general counseling role, where he finds matter management, and specifically contract management to be invaluable.

For myself, matter management and in particular contract management, has been absolutely invaluable.

Moreover, PayAlly has a number of their Client Accounts linked to the Contracts Module. These clients can connect and view contracts that are relevant to them. For example, if it’s a team manager, they would have access to all of their staff contracts, some banking documents. If it’s someone within the customer service and business development team, they have access to their vendors, clients, etc. Lexzur allows PayAlly to design a Pyramid-like workflow, where Mr. Balkus has access to virtually everything, and other team members have role-based access, configured according to the need and workflow.

We also have the Client Portal that we use extensively, mainly by heads of departments and different managers.

Automating Workflows & Approval Matrix

Mr. Balkus is keen on changing the approach; how legal gets things done. That said, the legal team at PayAlly is automating a great deal of their workload. For example, standardizing contracts through templates has eliminated the need for different stages of approval. When drafting an NDA, for example, there is no longer the need for a lawyer. To generate an NDA, a user can simply choose the template, fill in essential data, and send to the concerned parties.

You don’t need a lawyer to draft or generate an NDA. We have templates for that – with explanations; when to use what. You log in, generate it, and you can send it. It doesn’t have to be approved.

However, when it comes to more complex approval stages, Lexzur’s smart and easily configurable system makes it quick and painless for contracts to be viewed, edited, approved, and signed – all within a central authority matrix. Mr. Balkus explains that approvals are directly implemented through the contracts module.

So let’s say you need a standard contract, but you need to change commercial aspects of that contract. You need to get approval from the Head of Business Development, who can access the contract, have a look, make the needed changes, and click approve. This sends an automated message within our Legal OPS Team saying it can go out for signature. We use this quite a bit.

Technical Support & Consistent Development Updates

Mr. Balkus is very pleased with the Technical and Support Teams at Lexzur. He emphasizes the truly exceptional service provided when it comes to fixes, suggestions for development, and custom configurations.

Your team was not bothered by the fact that I was asking for fairly big things, being a fairly small client. So that was absolutely impressive.

Mr. Balkus continues to describe the Lexzur team as prompt, effective, and friendly. He feels comfortable making suggestions, and always sees quick results.

Anytime I send a message to your team saying something doesn’t work or perhaps there’s a way to do this better, or I would love to see a button that does that. Probably 95% of the time I get a response from them. Same people, always very friendly. They set up goals quickly, are always flexible, and they get it fixed.

I have recommended Lexzur to a few of my colleagues. You’re very reasonably priced, you’re friendly and approachable. It’s easy to work with you, and there’s always a quick answer from your team.