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Transitioning from Firm Central to Lexzur: Elevate Your Legal Operations 

Transitioning Seamlessly from Firm Central to Lexzur Elevate Your Operations with an All-in-One Legal Tech Solution

Switching from Firm Central to Lexzur marks the beginning of a new era for your legal practice. Lexzur, with its all-in-one legal tech solutions, is a transformational tool designed to streamline your legal operations, making your work more agile, intuitive, and efficient from day one.  Lexzur is offering Firm Central clients 4 months of free subscription to Lexzur Core and Contra by Lexzur – Learn more and book a demo, here. 

Why Switch to Lexzur?  

Lexzur is not just another legal management software. It’s a comprehensive ecosystem designed to cater to every need of a modern legal team. From case and matter management to client intake and document management, Lexzur’s Core and Contra, powered by AI, offer a seamless experience. Moreover, this eliminats redundancies and enhancing productivity. 

Highly Configurable Dashboards

One aspect that sets Lexzur apart from Firm Central is its highly configurable dashboards that display custom metrics in real time. You’ll gain full visibility, closely monitoring progress on all fronts. This includes productivity, finances, and virtually any custom metric you wish to track. And when it comes to reporting on these advanced analytics, Lexzur offers automated report generation as well as a user-friendly drag and drop report builder. This allows you to spend more time on analyzing data than on compiling it.

 Over 5000 Seamlessly Integrated Applications

Moreover, switching to Lexzur means connecting with over 5000 seamlessly integrated applications, such as; Google Workspace, Office 365, Zoom, Teams, Webex, Adobe Sign, DocuSign, Dropbox, Zapier and much more. This allows for centralized and synced data across all these platforms, saving time and improving accuracy and consistency.  

Connecting to these apps also allows for advanced automation capabilities. For example, using Lexzur Connect for Outlook, you can instantly log emails as cases, notes, or contracts, and even add contacts to Lexzur Core directly from within Outlook. Using Teams Connect, for instance, you’ll be able to start and schedule meetings about specific cases or matters. All the needed information and concerned participants automatically fetched – without ever leaving your Lexzur Core instance. Using Adobe Sign or DocuSign, embedded within your instance, you’ll be able to design and automate verifiable signature workflows. Additionally, through Zapier, we’ve set up custom automated workflows for apps like Zoho Books, QuickBooks, Fresh Books, Slack and many more. Learn more about Lexzur Integrated Apps. 

Your Transition Roadmap: Efficiency Amplified 

Transitioning Seamlessly from Firm Central to Lexzur. Elevate Your Operations with an All-in-One Legal Tech Solution

 1. Pre-Transition Preparation 

  • Sign-Up and Initial Consultation: Once you decide to transition to Lexzur, sign up through our website. Our team will reach out to schedule an initial consultation to understand your firm’s specific needs. 
  • Data Assessment: A dedicated Lexzur migration specialist will be assigned to your firm to discuss your current data structure in Firm Central and the best strategies for a smooth export and import process.  

2. Data Migration 

  • Exporting Your Data: Your Lexzur migration specialist will guide you through exporting your data from Firm Central. This ensures that all necessary information is captured accurately. 
  • Importing to Lexzur: We will then import your data into Lexzur. Mapping it to the appropriate modules within Lexzur Core and Contra. This ensured a seamless transition of your cases, clients, matters, and documents. 
  • Validation and Adjustment: Post-import, you will have the opportunity to review your data within Lexzur. Our team on standby to make any required adjustments or to provide recommendations for optimizing your data organization. 

3. Customization and Configuration 

  • Lexzur Core Setup: Customize Lexzur Core to align with your firm’s workflow, including task and workflow automation, client intake (CRM), and document management configurations. 
  • Contra AI Integration: Configure Contra for your contract lifecycle management needs, leveraging AI for smarter, more efficient contract handling. 
  • App Integrations: Choose from over 5000 integrated apps to connect with Lexzur, enhancing your firm’s capabilities and streamlining operations. 

4. Training and Onboarding 

  • Comprehensive Training Resources: Utilize our extensive library of free training videos and documentation. This helps familiarize your team with Lexzur’s features and functionalities. 
  • Personalized Onboarding Sessions: Schedule onboarding sessions with our specialists to ensure your team is proficient in using Lexzur, tailored to your firm’s specific needs. 

5. Post-Transition Support 

  • Ongoing Support: Access our support team 24/7 for any queries or assistance required. As you begin to operate within Lexzur, ensuring a smooth continuation of your legal practices. 
  • Feedback Loop: We encourage feedback on your transition experience and any suggestions for improvements to Lexzur, fostering a continuous improvement culture. 

Transitioning to Lexzur from Firm Central offers your firm a comprehensive, AI-powered legal tech solution that enhances efficiency, improves data security, and provides scalable growth opportunities. With Lexzur, you’re not just adopting new software. You’re elevating your entire legal operation to meet the demands of the modern legal environment.   

  • All-In-One Solution: From managing all corporate matters or litigation cases to streamlining legal operations and client intake, Lexzur covers it all. 
  • AI-Powered Efficiency: Contra’s AI-driven contract lifecycle management saves time and reduces errors, allowing for more strategic focus. 
  • Over 5000 Integrated Apps: Enhance your Lexzur Core with seamless app integrations, providing endless possibilities to expand your toolkit. 
  • Advanced Security and Compliance: With GDPR and PIPEDA compliance, Lexzur ensures your data is secure and meets the highest industry standards. 
  • Flexible Hosting Options: Whether you prefer on-cloud, on-server, or Private SaaS, Lexzur provides the flexibility to match your organization’s needs. 
  • Vast Documentation, Tutorials, and Live Training: Benefit from our free documentation center, access online tutorials, weekly live training sessions, and educational webinars
  • Dedicated Support Team proficient in Multiple Languages, and accessible 18 hours a day, 6 days a week. 
  • 4 months FREE Subscription exclusively for Firm Central Clients 

Making the transition from Firm Central to Lexzur is not just about changing software. It’s about upgrading to a platform that grows with your firm, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of legal technology. Experience the difference today and see how Lexzur can elevate your legal operations to new heights. 

Transitioning Seamlessly from Firm Central to Lexzur
Elevate Your Operations with an All-in-One Legal Tech Solution

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