Transitioning Seamlessly from Firm Central to Lexzur

Elevate Your Operations with an All-in-One Legal Tech Solution

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Why Choose Lexzur

All-In-One Solution: From managing all corporate matters or litigation cases to streamlining legal operations and client intake, Lexzur covers it all.

AI-Powered Efficiency: Contra’s AI-driven contract lifecycle management saves time and reduces errors, allowing for more strategic focus.

Over 5000 Integrated Apps: Access a diverse range of integrated applications for expanded capabilities.

GDPR and PIPEDA Compliance: Ensure data security with Lexzur’s compliant platform.

Flexible Hosting Options: Choose on-cloud, on-server, or Private SaaS hosting to match your needs.

Comprehensive Support: Receive vast documentation, tutorials, live training sessions, and 18-hour support.

Transitioning to Lexzur isn't just about software; it's upgrading to a platform that grows with your firm, ensuring you're always at the forefront of legal tech. See how Lexzur can elevate your operations today.

Transitioning from

Firm Central

to Lexzur:

Elevate Your Legal Operations

Transition Roadmap

Transition Roadmap

Sign up and consult with our team to customize the transition to your firm’s needs.

Enjoy a seamless transfer of your data, ensuring accuracy and continuity.

Set up Lexzur Core, Contra and Marketplace Apps  based on your needs.

Benefit from Complete Training Resources & Onboarding Sessions.

Receive continuous support and guidance for a smooth transition.

Legal Practice Management

Task & Workflow Automation

Time Billing & Accounting

Client Intake (CRM)

Document Management

Advanced Reporting Functionalities

Central Secure Repository

Integration with 5000+ Applications

Agile Contract Lifecycle Management

Document Automation

Real-time Collaboration

Approval Workflows

Digital Signatures

Alerts and Reminders

Repository and Metadata

Custom Reports & KPIs

Explore Lexzur’s Bank-Level Security Standards

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Personalized Onboarding Sessions 

18/6 Support

Get 4 Months Free

Get 4 Months Free