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Seamless Video Conferencing through Lexzur  

Now, Lexzur users can take and schedule calls and meetings on Zoom or Microsoft Teams, directly through Lexzur, making it easier than ever to organize discussions and collaborate with team members on specific matters and litigation cases, or simply start meetings on the fly – with all the capabilities of Zoom and MS Teams embedded in Lexzur, and synched across those platforms. In the following blog, we’ll be going through the key features of this seamless video conferencing integration. 

Using the quick meeting icon on the top right of the screen, users can start or schedule instant meetings with existing App4legal users or external contacts, without leaving the core system. Users can choose between Zoom or Teams to host their meetings. The meeting will be automatically added to the integrated calendar and reflected on the respective platforms.  

Additionally, when a specific matter, case, or document is selected, users are still able to access the instant video call button in the top left corner of the screen, however, this time, the meeting will open as related to this item. This means that the meeting organized will instantly include the needed info and preselected members that are related to the matter case or document.   

When initiating a video call or meeting, users have full access to Zoom or Microsoft Teams features, directly through Lexzur. Users are easily fetched as meeting invitees, users can share screen, chat, and do everything they would normally be able to do on these platforms.  

All that’s needed to use this new feature is to have an active Zoom or Microsoft Teams account; whether free or paid, along with any Lexzur subscription. 

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