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The New Era of Legal Work: Automation and Efficiency 

Legal Work Automation

The legal industry is transforming before our eyes, and at an accelerating speed. It’s time for lawyers and other legal professionals to embrace, adapt, and take full advantage of the latest advancements in legal technology. If you have the right tools at your disposal, you can say good-bye to repetitive manual work, human error, bottlenecks, compliance issues, and most importantly, working late. Let’s take a closer look at how you can get all your work done faster and smarter, powered by automation, with Lexzur

Unlock More Time & Automate Your Work 

Using Lexzur Software means you’ll have access to the latest in legal automation technology. From setting up automated workflows to reduce bottlenecks, to configuring triggers for tasks and reminders to eliminate redundant manual work, and seamlessly integrating with over 5000+ applications to automate across different applications connected to your instance. For example, you can connect to your Outlook or Gmail™, Office 365 or Google Workspace, Zoom, Teams, Webex, Adobe Sign, DocuSign, and countless other popular apps and platforms, with no code required, less manual data input, and without constantly switching between platforms. All these time-saving tools ensure you’ll be able to be able to take that lunch break or be home on time. 

Precision Perfected & Compliance Guaranteed 

When using platforms like Lexzur or working with Robust Legal Practice Management Software and Contract Lifecycle Management Software with advanced automation features, you’ll be able to set up systems that ensure no errors are made, guidelines are consistent, and important dates are respected. For example, Lexzur Core, our LPMS solution, allows the automation of invoice generation and time tracking, ensuring compliance with company guidelines and regulatory requirements, and providing transparent and precise invoices to clients. Automation means you won’t waste time double and triple checking manually or re-doing the work and wasting time. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that Lexzur products already comply with GDPR, PIPEDA, ISO, LEDES, ZATCA, and other international regulators. 

Custom Digital Workspace Tailored to You 

Designing your own custom workspace that centralizes and streamlines all your operations and communications is a huge game changer. Lexzur thoughtfully designs highly configurable and customizable products that allow users to set everything up to fit their unique systems of operations. From choosing the look and feel of the system and its modules to customizing the system’s settings and functionality and changing virtually every variable in the system.  

Cut Your Contract Lifecycles in Half 

Using Contra by Lexzur, you’ll have access to advanced lifecycle automation tools. For example, instant drafting via custom templates, and automated contract routing for review, approvals and signatures. Not to mention, you’ll have access to other advanced tools for real-time collaboration, negotiation, and redlining, saving an abundance of time and resources. On top of that, Contra, like all Lexzur products, integrates with over 5000 popular tools and apps, which allows cross-platform automation and synchronization. 

Stay Ahead with Real-time Data Sync 

Automatically track custom metrics and KPIs. No need to follow up one-to-one via emails or compile scattered data to build complex reports that you spend more time creating than analyzing. With Lexzur, you can design single-view dashboards that monitor and showcase data in different formats, and in real time. This gives you full visibility at a single glance, saving so much time. Additionally, you’ll be able to instantly build detailed custom reports. 

Future-Proof and Ready for Anything 

Using a smart and centralized platform like Lexzur gives you a head start on the latest tech innovations in legal. That said, you’ll be ready to take on any new challenge that comes your way, with the utmost efficiency and accuracy. On top of that, having central software ensures all your data and communications are secure, stored, tracked, and easily extractable. Additionally, working with software reduces risks, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Using smart, agile, all-in-one software like Lexzur guarantees that more work will be done faster and with precision. Efficiency is when you work smarter, not harder, yet yield better results. At Lexzur, we believe that you can do more than you do now, in even less time. Explore our products, here: Lexzur Core, Contra, Client Portal, Advisor Portal, 5000+ Integrations. Check out real-life case studies from our clients or visit our YouTube Channel. You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, X, and now on TikTok