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Torres Legal

Torres Legal (TL) is not your average law firm. They are not one to shy away from developments in the industry, and with that mindset have curated an excellent business model and work culture; successfully merging traditions with innovation and technology. Their work gravitates through their core values: loyalty, integrity and excellence.

About Torres Legal

TL is a full service law firm based in San Salvador, El Salvador, catering to clients across Central America and abroad. Their team includes an extensive and diverse group of highly qualified lawyers; making TL a well-rounded firm. They work as a one stop, providing all types of legal services such as corporate legal, financial planning and entrepreneurial law. TL is the first firm in Central America to obtain the ISO 9001/2015 certification (recognition for consistent provisions of high-quality services) and also the first to implement the “legal as a service (LaaS)” business model. It is truly an innovative and open-minded firm.

Who is Hector Torres?

Hector Torres, Senior Partner at TL, has been practicing law for more than 15 years, with expertise ranging from negotiation and conflict resolution, corporate law, family business consulting, venture capital and private equity and new technologies. He is also a University Professor in private law, an accredited Arbitrator by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of El Salvador and a Notary Public authorized by the Republic of El Salvador. He obtained his Juris Doctor degree at the Universidad José Simeón Cañas, graduating with honors. Furthermore, he obtained a Legum Magister in Business Law at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, having obtained for his studies one of the six scholarships for Latin America from the Carolina Foundation.

A compassionate leader

“I think that success is to make every day what you have to do, and because of that in all these years, we haven’t missed a client. I care about the people we work for and the people who work with” says Hector, “Experience has taught me that all my efforts should be directed to facilitate and find the best outcome for my clients.” Being a modern law firm and embracing change in the legal industry, Hector has proven to be an agile and compassionate lawyer; he knows whats best for his clients and acts on that precisely.

Starting off- why Lexzur?

“Before Lexzur, we were using Clio. However I found that Lexzur was more compatible with the goals and objectives of our firm. TL evolves with the desire to implement a novel and unique type of legal practice” says Hector, “Since then, we have grown in all aspects, be it lawyers, paralegals, clients and offices. In order to keep up with this exponential growth, it was crucial that we preserve the quality of it’s services. We wanted to elevate this quality through the right technology, which is why we turned to Lexzur for a smart, effective and detailed solution.”

He continues “The Lexzur team knows the concept and runnings of a law firm inside out. Due to this understanding, the software is highly focused and caters to our every need. It has everything to manage a firm and more! The best part is that you don’t need to be a tech-genius to operate the software, it’s easy to use and very intuitive.”

How has Lexzur elevated the workflow at TL ?

Since we started using Lexzur, we have been able to effectively stay connected as a team. The task and matter boards have been a productive and profitable way for us to keep track of all the work in the firm; what needs my immediate attention and what has been completed. Not only can we keep track of each others work, we are able to follow up on different matters in a more efficient way as everyone knows who is assigned to what. Taking accountability on tasks through a visual platform, and being in total control of your work is motivating, essentially elevating the quality of our work. 


Stay informed with accurate data and comprehensive Dashboards

Improve productivity with highly intuitive Time Tracking features

Time saved by 40%

I can now cut out any confusion or hassle regarding tedious and mundane tasks such as filing, record tracking, forms etc. With all this combined we have massively improved the management of all the workload within TL. Because of Lexzur, it’s safe to say that we have reduced the amount of time that we spend on such tasks by almost 40%. This directly indicates that we invest more of our time in the services we provide to our clients, allowing us to live by our core values of loyalty, integrity and excellence.”


"Because of Lexzur, it's safe to say that we have reduced the amount of time that we spend on such tasks by almost 40%"
- Hector Torres
Senior Partner at Torres Legal
To end with, why do you think firms should innovate their practice through Lexzur?

Hector ends with the following statement “Any firm or lawyer that wants structure and flow within their work should have Lexzur as a foundation for their practice. It is more than just work management; it enhances the legal, economic and business agendas of the firm.

Lexzur doesn’t just make you well equipped, it helps you to take business decisions based on facts.

If you choose Lexzur, you will genuinely struggle to find a reason against it. Lexzur promotes a smarter way of working; in a way which can only make you better as a lawyer, a firm, a department or a business. Lexzur provides order amidst chaos, and if we take care of the order, we can take care of our firm.”

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