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About Tohme Law Firm

Tohme Law Firm is a top-tier boutique law firm providing a broad range of legal services tailored to both businesses and individuals. The firm was founded by Youssef Georges Tohme in Lebanon in 1979 and has built its reputation as an expert in corporate and commercial related legal services, dispute resolution and private client. The Firm also specializes in construction and property development, financial management and tax. 70% of the Firm’s clients are leading companies operating in various sectors in Lebanon and worldwide, while 30% of the portfolio is constituted of high-net-worth individuals. Tohme Law Firm deals with correspondents in more than 150 cities in the world. The Firm’s library includes more than 1,500 references. Tohme Law Firm continuously strives to offer a personalized legal service and a bespoke customer experience. The Firm relies on its reputation, knowledge, determination and integrity to serve its clientele and its industry.


About Carine Tohme

Carine joined the Firm in 2003, she is now the managing partner. She handles corporate matters and commercial transactions at a national and international level and has significant experience in estate planning and in advising local and international investors on how to structure their assets. 

Carine practices commercial litigation, including bankruptcy, asset protection and asset recovery and tax related litigation. She is a certified mediator and handles mediation cases. She also coordinates and overviews field work and relationships with authorities for the implementation of structures, transactions and projects. 

She obtained her law degree and a master’s degree in private law from Saint Joseph University in 2003. She also has an MBA from Paris I Pantheon – Sorbonne, Paris- Dauphine and Saint Joseph Universities, a certificate in International Private Law from the Hague Academy of International Law, as well as a Higher Master’s degree in International Cooperation, Humanitarian and Development Policy from Paris I Pantheon – Sorbonne. Carine is a ranked lawyer at Chambers and Partners. Her memberships include: the Beirut Bar Association (since 2003), the International Bar Association, and more.

Case Study

The team at Tohme Law Firm prides themselves on their drive for efficiency and optimization of processes. Upon visiting their partner’s offices in Dubai, they concluded that using legal tech software will greatly impact their bottom line. Upon researching their options and deliberating which solution will be the best choice for the team, they came across Lexzur.  
Choosing App4Legal was easy, due to its practicality and ease of use. Not to mention that it has all the features they were looking for in one solution. On top of that, the founders of Lexzur are Lebanese, and have a localized hub in Lebanon, as well as a team based in Dubai. This ultimately prompted Tohme Law Firm to go with Lexzur.

Features that drive success at Tohme Law Firm

Smart, Central Organization & Automation

One of the key features of using Lexzur that the legal team enjoys is Centralized Organization. Tohme Law Firm now can segment and structure their operations; not just per client or per matter, but also litigation vs. corporate matters and embedded tasks inside the matters, per assignee, macro and micro of every case.  

In the legal industry, this is crucial. To offer legal services is something, but also to organize yourself and be efficient is something else. When we’ve worked with other firms, we’ve found how truly essential it is to have this organization, in documents for example.

We now have a lot of data on one software with all our team members having access to it. We used to work with Dropbox already and enhanced this feature with the use of the App4Legal integration.

Adding automation into the mix, Lexzur has transformed the way the legal team at Tohme Law Firm operates as a whole.

The team is completely in – Our lawyers are working very smoothly, and we’re all on the same page. We trained, assessed with you, and assessed internally, and even added another training. The team is very engaged with the software. And we are continuously working to optimize daily work and operations.

Seamless Collaboration and Follow-up

Having to follow up and keep track of important events, hearings, court dates, and more can be hectic as the law firm grows its client base and expands its service. Previously, the team would create tables on excel to organize when and how to take control of these dates and what needs to be done, by who, and when. With Lexzur, nothing falls through the cracks.

I personally used to struggle with events or matters that are stopped or paused then reactivated. We had the tendency to forget about old and pending issues. This was a big problem. Now, with Lexzur, it’s much easier! I have all my matters on my dashboards. At least once per week, I go into my dashboard, see everything in front of me organized, per workflow status. And see if anything was updated to follow up.

Moreover, when it comes to servicing their clients, the legal team at Tohme Law Firm emphasized the advantage of Lexzur’s reporting function. Having on-hand transparent reports that can be configured and automated has proven to add great value vis-a-vis their growing client base.

Managing Time Sheets and Time Spent

Previously, the legal team used to have their own system that was created specifically for time sheets. However, it was constant struggle to remind lawyers to add time entries and details about what they’re working on. Lexzur helped on two main fronts. First, while invoicing there are cases that are worked based on an hourly rate, and we need to know exactly how much to invoice. Second, for internal assessments and managing allocated resources.

Now with app4legal. We have all our clients embedded. We know which lawyers are working on which matters for each client. And there is no need to remind each other anymore. It’s a reflex, the software is so practical and efficient. We are automatically adding all time spent.

Dedicated Lexzur Training and Support Team

My experience was great! The team is exceptional and very responsive!

During the first two-hour training session, the team was impressed by the robust capabilities of the system and absorbed a lot of information. However, upon using the software first hand, they found that they needed yet another training to go beyond implementing basic functionalities and push the team to maximize their use of Lexzur.  The Support and Training team at Lexzur were happy to oblige.

You were efficient and very quick to respond; you’d get on a call and help us resolve any issues. The second training, since we already had a good idea about using the system, really cemented our knowledge. After that we were fully prepared with all the features; reports, document editors, document storage, etc.

Elise, one of our support agents, was able to give the second training session on the ground, at their offices. This helped tremendously when it came to hands-on application and was greatly appreciated by the legal team at Tohme Law Firm.

I highly recommend Lexzur. After using the software, I don’t know how other firms are working without it. When you get used to it and start to rely on it, it becomes difficult not to use. Everyone should be moving in the direction of digital transformation and automation.