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Law Firm


Saudi Arabia



About The Law Firm of Badr Al Arishi 

The Law Firm of BADR ALARISHI is a dynamic Saudi Arabian legal practice. The complexities of globalization reach every corner of the earth. These complexities are particularly prominent in Saudi Arabia, given its esteemed position as a regional and international economic lynchpin.  

At the Law Firm of Badr Alarishi, they understand that such complexities, whether legal or commercial, may be daunting for businesses and individuals alike. Therefore, they have committed themselves fully to the principle of ‘client care’, taking a holistic approach to issues faced by their clients, regardless of the size or nature of the problem. They understand that their clients expect them to deliver only the very best advice – and this faith in their ability to deliver is precisely what ensures their drive, dedication and determination to find comprehensive solutions. At the Law Firm of Badr Alarishi they value their clients. 

About Mr. Badr Al Arishi 

As a cross-border corporate, FinTech, contracts and transactional law expert, Badr serves a vital function in society by representing clients in all domains of law where he provides major clients with legal advice on complex mega projects. Having Alarishi availed of skills and professional experiences gained across KSA, UK, and France, 
Considerable FinTech experts in KSA and delivered the best-in-class legal services to his clients. Specialized in FinTech, digital payments, crowdfund, venture capital, emerging companies, strategic investments, debt and equity securities offerings, senior credit facilities, and rights offerings.  
* FinTech (Compliance, negotiation, partnerships, licensing, online transactions) 
* Strategic Planning 

Case Study

The Law Firm of Badr Alarishi was looking for legal management software that would increase efficiency and allow the legal team to do more with less. In his online research for a multilingual, all-encompassing solution for his legal team, Mr Badr Al Arishi found Lexzur to be the best choice due to its highly configurable and customizable system.

Customization is extremely important. Every country has their own way of practicing law. An extremely impressive function of Lexzur is the ability to configure every aspect of the solution to fit our needs and workflows.”

Features that Drive Succes at Badr Alarishi Law Firm

One Centralized All-Inclusive Workspace

The team at Badr Alarishi use Lexzur as a central source of truth for all departments. Mr. Badr Al Arishi enjoys the efficiency of the software and having a one-stop shop to manage his entire firm. Every member of the team uses different aspects of the software, and it all comes together seamlessly with the team working together as a whole. All data is stored securely in one place.

Lexzur is our strategic success partner. It’s an all-in-one solution that replaced all the tools we use.

Dashboards and Detailed Analytical Data

Mr. Badr Al Arishi is able to track all law firm activities, using Lexzur custom metrics to produce a great volume of data. He can monitor the progress of specific tasks and lawyers’ workload, time management, billable hours, as well as other useful metrics that empower all the different departments at Badr Alarishi, such as finance and administration.

We see Lexzur as a complete solution that meets the needs of all departments in the firm; including the Legal team, finance team, and administration.

Expert Support and Technical Training

The thing I appreciate the most is the team behind the system. We appreciate their dedication, on-time support and continuous development.

Mr. Badr Al Arishi expresses his admiration for Lexzur’s very collaborative support team, who go above and beyond to ensure Badr Alarishi Law Firm gets the most out of their investment in the system.  

The good thing about the company is their team, whenever I have a comment or a suggestion, they help me.