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SEDCO Holding

SEDCO Holding Group is a leading ethical and sustainable investor in the global market with a track record of excellence dating back over 44 years. SEDCO manages a diversified spectrum of real estate investments, investments in equities, and businesses in sectors key to national prosperity including healthcare, education, asset management, hospitality and real estate in Saudi Arabia and around the world.​ With a long-term approach constantly adding value, resources and expertise to the companies they invest in, SEDCO’s portfolio of investments is primed for long-term growth and market leadership.

Who is Dr. Zaid Mahayni?

Dr. Zaid Mahayni is a trilingual Quebec-qualified lawyer, with a PhD in capital markets, an LLM in oil & gas, and a postgraduate degree in arbitration. He initially joined SEDCO in 2015 as the Vice President of Legal Affairs. Due to his professional excellence, unmatched expertise and passion he was quickly promoted to Chief Legal Officer of the conglomerate. Prior to SEDCO Dr. Zaid worked as an attorney at the Law Firm of Hassan Mahassni for over a decade, having built a rich and diversified transaction portfolio. He is also a dedicated academic with experience teaching at university level, regularly delivering lectures and publishing multiple articles regarding key legislative concepts. 

Dr. Zaid is an inspiration to say the least, having received awards for his commitment to consistently developing, innovating and excelling his legal department. In 2017 and again in 2019, The Legal 500 ranked him as one of the most influential legal counsels in the Middle East. In the following year he was a recipient of the General Counsel of the Year (Large Team) Award by the Legal Week magazine and the Association of Corporate Counsel.

Briefly speaking, with his solid academic background, diverse and insightful professional experience, prestigious recognitions and overall passion for the law and it’s prosperity, there is no doubt that his strategy and leadership has led to great measures of success for himself, his team and the world-class international investment holding group.    

Starting off- why Lexzur?

Dr. Zaid says, “The department’s day-to-day activities are very varied and include advice, document processing, attendance of court hearings, follow-ups with government entities, etc. The tracking of the status of each task and our overall efficiency needs the support of comprehensive tools to provide rapid and effective responses to our company’s needs. I wanted to be more collaborative, increase accessibility and maximize visibility, and our previous solution was not sufficient enough for that. Upon finding Lexzur and exploring its features, its value to our department was evident. After the demo and an analysis with our IT team, we quite rightly decided to implement this software.”

What part has Lexzur played in developing a productive workspace in the department?

When leading a team, especially an in-house counsel, it is crucial that everything runs like a well-oiled machine. Dr. Zaid says “We need to make sure we have the right resources for the job ahead of time. In Lexzur Core, the Litigation Cases Management feature has everything a legal department could possibly need to manage, work and follow up on cases. As it is centralized, I can map documents to the relevant case and access them anywhere at any time, stay updated on the case and organize every money-related task, setting visual organizational methods within our department.

Centralize all your documents and map them to relevant matters, contacts, tasks and more

Get a 360 degree view all your matters and tasks with resourceful Dashboards

This information is also summarized on uniquely developed Litigation Cases Management Boards, segmenting critical information into useful diagrams. On top of that, every single one of us is aware of what’s going on. This distinguishes any fragmentation within my team and enables everyone to be in sync with the department.

"Every single one of us is aware of what's going on (because of Lexzur). This distinguishes any fragmentation within my team and enables everyone to be in sync with the department"
- Dr. Zaid Mahayni
Chief Legal Officer of SEDCO

Moreover, the Tasks module encourages us to be more systematic in the way we conduct our work. We can map each task to a related matter, keep track of its progress and jot comments about the task for our colleagues to see; incredibly saving time, effort and money as opposed to if this was all done manually.”

Dr. Zaid continues, “With Lexzur, we can generate out-of-the-box reports, as a way to simultaneously keep track of our workflows and manage expenses without requiring extra effort. This has been helpful in allowing us as a team to appreciate our progress and strengths, but also to acknowledge areas of improvement based on statistical knowledge and facts.”

Generate all kinds of reports for valuable insights and analytics

Other features utilized:

A change management plan was set along with a timeline for delivery to ensure smooth implementation of the new culture and tool:

  • Inline Editing among other features allowing the lawyers to utilize the Microsoft Suite efficiently
  • Outlook Connect (an add on) allows the lawyers to better integrate key emails within the system; elevating collaboration, accessibility and overall organizational habits
  • SLAs have been explained to the team which they can use whenever they sign any SLAs with their clients
  • Lexzur Customer Portal is implemented to manage the relations/tickets/requests between the legal department and the clients.
What's next for SEDCO Holding?

Lexzur is constantly developing and innovating the legal practice. With technology, there is always something you can do in a better and smarter way. The legal department at SEDCO will begin to explore Lexzur’s fully fledged Contract Management Module. This module allows users to have full control over creating, drafting, approving and executing a contract. To put it simply, this will increase efficiency in collaboration and reduce time and effort spent handling contracts.

To end with, why do you think firms should innovate their practice through Lexzur?

Dr Zaid ends by saying “SEDCO’s Legal Department has evolved from conventional work habits to an innovative and smart way of working. SEDCO is consistently expanding on an international scale. This, with the constant legislative and industrial changes, means that my legal department’s role is extremely crucial. We want to stay countless steps ahead of the game and Lexzur allowed us to embrace that attitude. 

Lexzur provided us with a turn-key solution and configured it to match SEDCO’s requirements. This meant that we were able to tailor everything to our work, embracing ease and efficiency.”

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