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About GlobeMed Group

GlobeMed is one of the first organizations to introduce the Third-Party Administrator (TPA) model in the MENA region. The organization combines technical expertise and information technology with more than 31 years of experience in providing business-transforming solutions in the management of healthcare benefits.

GlobeMed has redefined the standards of managing healthcare insurance benefits in the region, expanding their presence through their multiple award-winning TPA franchisees in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Today, 12 fully-fledged operations take care of over 23 million insured members for more than 220 clients in the public and private sectors. GlobeMed is directly contracted with over 20,250 healthcare providers and more than 120,000 providers worldwide through their cooperation with international partners.

GlobeMed also has the unique privilege of being both a TPA franchisor and a health insurance system vendor. Over the years, GlobeMed’s solutions have evolved through the hands-on experience of their franchisees and have been successfully tested in many distinct markets. With franchisee operations in 12 countries, GlobeMed benefits from exposure to different operational standards, market practices, regulatory frameworks, and a wide variety of health schemes requirements; all those dimensions greatly influenced them to apply continuous improvement to the system. Today, GlobeMed puts at payers’ disposal the most comprehensive and efficient solutions to manage healthcare benefits.


About Me. Patricia Atallah

Me. Patricia Atallah has 15 years of international experience in the field of health insurance. She is Chief Legal Counsel at GlobeMed Group -Head of Legal and Compliance Department at GlobeMed Group and Murex Holding Group of Companies in the MENA region. She joined GlobeMed and Murex Holding Group in April 2007 and she assumes the functional responsibilities for overall legal compliance, corporate governance and Legal safekeep of the Group.

Me. Patricia Atallah provides the shareholders, Board of Directors and senior management with legal advice on company strategies and their adequate implementation, and also manages the legal function, and coordinates the work of external legal counsels. She is at the forefront in coordinating planning activities as well as periodical monitoring of progress against plans and reporting activities to the Board. She oversees the compliance and Governance functions of the Group.

Me. Atallah is directly involved in complex business transactions; she plays a key role in negotiating critical contracts. She oversees and identifies the legal issues in all departments and their interrelation. She is also a member of the Beirut Bar Association; she pursued her Master’s degree in International Law from Notre Dame University and a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the Lebanese University.

Transforming Practice Management with Innovation

Being a holding of many companies across the MENA region, Me. Atallah emphasizes that GlobeMed requires a solution that allows for a seamless and scalable workflow across different countries with countless stakeholders and a highly configurable system. The team is impressed by the robust, client-oriented solution that Lexzur offers compared to other solutions with fewer functionalities and higher cost. Me. Atallah says that Lexzur, which was implemented seamlessly, is easily accessible and allows the team to work more effectively on every level; whether managing contract renewals or generating reports and tracking.

“Lexzur has transformed the way our Legal Department manages the corporate structure of the organization”

This includes tracking the status of companies, overseeing lawsuits, keeping records, and managing all contracts. All case-related information is stored, organized, and managed in a single dashboard for easy retrieval, offering a single view interface with a 360-degree view of all legal matters. Moreover, with the recent increase in remote-working, GlobeMed is able to access everything Lexzur has to offer through mobile phones, tablets, or computers on Android and iOS – making it easy to collaborate, keep track, and manage from anywhere.

“Lexzur is a unique and robust LPMS and CLM Solution, customized with a galaxy of features that fit all our legal needs.”

Features that Drive Productivity at the Legal Department of GlobeMed Group

Streamlined Workflows and Optimized Collaboration

GlobeMed has a set of preset workflows in order to maximize the efficiency of contract drafting. The team has experienced a massive increase in productivity with much fewer errors. Communication is key! Me. Atallah loves that all collaborators are able to view, edit according to permissions, and keep track of updates made by others with automated notifications and reminders at different stages of the workflow.

“We’ve enjoyed the increased visibility across all teams, and how efficiently we’re able to collaborate on documents!”

Searchable, Centralized & Secure Archives

Me. Atallah details that all legal documents, compliance, governance, corporate and other important records of all the operations have been properly migrated onto Lexzur’s GDPR compliant system. GlobeMed Legal Department easily keeps records, as well as manages operational needs and corporate changes. Me. Atallah emphasizes that searching for and retrieving data is easier than ever and that the team has saved countless hours since migrating to Lexzur.

“Lexzur is intuitive, it’s always easy to find what you’re looking for.”

24/7 Informed & Dedicated Support Team

GlobeMed describes Lexzur Customer Support team as highly informed, cooperative and quick-to-respond. Lexzur developers are available to simplify and explain technicalities so that the team feels confident and comfortable using the system, and configuring all the different settings to fit their exact needs.

“At every stage of our digital transformation, Lexzur’s team was helpful, friendly, and efficient.”

“We highly recommend Lexzur to other businesses looking for a similar solution.”