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Firas Trabulsi and Associates

Any law firm can strive to be a leader in their market, it doesn’t ‘t cost a dime to dream. It’ s the firm that legitimizes their vision with a call to action that always comes out on top. To do this, it is important to utilize tools that are in the interest of the clients. It is equally important to cultivate a collaborative working environment with the objective of growth for the business. Firas Trabulsi and Associates (FTA) does exactly that.

FTA is a Saudi Arabian based law office, committed to offering accurate and timely legal solutions for their clients. They provide corporate advisory services to both international and national clients who have business interests within Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. Their practice ranges from corporate law, foreign investments, and intellectual property law to labor and employment, real estate, and energy. Their team members are skillful, results-driven, and bilingual individuals with solid knowledge of local and international laws, dedicating their time to ensure they provide diligent legal services in compliance with professional standards.

Who is Firas Trabulsi?

Firas Trabulsi, Founder of FTA, possesses more than 12 years of valuable and insightful experience within the legal industry. An attorney in several renowned law firms in Saudi Arabia, a legal advisor in one of Saudi Arabia’s largest banks, and energy legal counsel at Chevron Corporation in the U.S, Firas has a versatile portfolio to say the least. It takes a realistic and openminded individual to lead a law practice to such success, and Firas has proven to be that individual precisely.

“It is universally impossible for goals and plans to be mutually exclusive,” says Firas, “people set goals and then sit around waiting for something to happen. You are the ‘something to happen’. And if you are stationary, then your goals will just be goals and never a reality.” It is because of this mindset that Firas is able to identify areas of development within FTA and take valuable action. The legal industry at times can be reluctant to change, being accustomed to years of established traditions. However, like many inspirational leaders, Firas challenges this norm, which is why he is in a position of success today.

The Interview

Why did you choose Lexzur?

Firas says “Before implementing Lexzur we were using a local software that wasn’t giving use the results we wanted. We needed to digitally transform FTA at a higher level, which is exactly what Lexzur stands for. When I was told about the features of the software I quickly realized that this is something we needed to adopt as part of our firm’s strategy. Our firm is rapidly growing at this very moment. With a profitable increase in clients and employees, it was time to upgrade the way we operated internally and externally.”

FTA specializes in Intellectual Property law. How has Lexzur enabled the firm to elevate this practice?

Firas says “The Intellectual Property (IP) management module in Core has been a key transformation in our firm. We handle various patents, trademarks, copyrights which requires a lot of documents, record tracking, renewals, etc. With Lexzur’s IP Module, we are able to centralize all these complex tasks and items onto one platform. I can easily assign teams and individuals onto a specific matter through the module which is incredibly helpful as FTA encourages a collaborative working environment. Where we used to have files upon files of important documents, we now have each document and related task electronically mapped and allocated to a specific matter.”

Input key data and organize all your IP matters on one platform

How has the Client Portal transformed the client's experience?

He continues: “Our visions, goals, and strategies revolve around the client. What does our client want? How can we provide them with the best service? With Lexzur’s Client Portal, we are able to offer our clients tailored services, increased communication and collaboration with their lawyers and transparency in the legal billing process. We can easily update them on the status of their matter and keep a track of everything communicated on the portal; this is immensely helpful when we need to track important information and resources, instead of having to call up the client to fact check. It’s simple to use, flexible, and convenient.”

With Client Portal each client has access to a secure, virtual platform to view and access case documents, court filings, notices, calendar events, status updates, and invoices. This service gives clients the ability to view documents, upload documents for viewing, and view important case deadlines, all in a secure online environment that preserves important attorney-client privileges.

Stay efficient and streamlined by centralizing all client communications

If you were to recommend Lexzur, what would you say?

Firas says “In this modern-day and age, I don’t see a legal practice growing and succeeding unless they are willing to embrace technology with open arms. Technological innovation is the key driving force for the development of all businesses, organizations, and firms. To not innovate equates to limiting the quality of service your client will receive, which will eventually hinder the growth of the firm.”

“Lexzur pays attention to detail in each field, maximizing our efficiency and productivity as a team, meaning we can serve our clients better”
- Firas Trabulsi
Founder of Firas Trabulsi and Associates

He continues “If you want to digitally transform your practice, save time, maximize the efficiency and productivity of your teams, and overall work smarter, I don’t see a better solution than Lexzur.”

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