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About Dr Ghada M. Darwish

Dr. Ghada Darwish has been the Founder and Managing Partner of Dr Ghada M. Darwish Karbon Law Firm since 2012, which is swiftly growing and committed to providing outstanding services in all major legal fields.  
Dr Darwish has more than 11 years of professional experience in the legal field and is continuously seeking career challenges in the business. She has a deep inclination toward women empowerment and strong-willed leadership for the young. Dr Ghada got her master’s degree in Public Law and bachelor’s degree in Sharia and Law, respectively. Recently, she completed a PhD in Administrative Law.

About Dr. Ghada M. Darwish Karbon Law Firm

Ghada M. Darwish Karbon Law Firm is an entrepreneurial, exemplary creation that strives to seek excellence in all its activities. As a flourishing Qatari law firm, it has gained extensive experience in the various fields of legal consulate services and become home for an exceptional group of experienced counsels in the most important areas of legal practice.  

Ghada M. Darwish Law Firm features a group of advisers and lawyers from different legal cultures. Since its inception, the firm has been keen to integrate the civil legal system with the Anglo-Saxon culture system to achieve a harmonious legal environment to provide the best legal services.

Case Study

Dr. Ghada Darwish was initially looking for Legal Document Management Software to help the legal team at Karbon Law Firm manage all legal documents, efficiently and securely.  
Knowing Legal Document Management is one of the foundations of any law firm, Dr. Darwish was keen on optimizing processes to save time and effort and secure all Karbon Law Firm’s legal documents in a centralized searchable space.  
The decision to go with App4Legal was easy. Seeing the robust features that Lexzur Core’s complete legal management system offers, Dr. Darwish decided to go with a solution that satisfies this primary need and offers an array of tools and functions that serve a much greater and more strategic purpose.

We found Lexzur to be the perfect choice for a complete legal management system that is highly flexible, easy to use, and able to cover our future needs as they develop.”

Features that Drive Success for the Firm

Advanced Document Management

Dr. Darwish emphasizes that documents are an essential pillar in the work of lawyers, and many problems often arise when searching for and updating information due to the massive number of documents and files, and the lack of organization. Another challenge is the potential for many files to become corrupted or lost over time. All this leads to a lot of time and effort lost searching for the data. Add to that, costly errors that may slip through the cracks, while viewing old versions of documents because of similarities and naming inconsistencies.

The system helped us a lot in saving time and effort related to document management, issues and searching for the smallest details. We use several filters to find the finer details of related issues and documents.

Dr. Darwish reiterates that the system was a very effective tool in document management, allowing Karbon Law Firm to keep smart and organized digital archives for years to come.  

Some of the most highlighted functions mentioned include saving and updating the modifications made to any document in real-time, enhancing cooperation, and making file organization a no brainer. The legal team at Karbon Law Firm saves each file in a specific organization related to the relevant legal matter or case, saving time, streamlining collaboration, and reducing errors.

With Lexzur Core, our legal team can cover the complete management of documents in an orderly manner with the ease of searching for the lawsuit, related files and developments, and collaborating in real time. The software makes access to documents very easy at any time and from anywhere.

Robust Case & Matter Management

Dr. Darwish explains that Karbon Law Firm is an early adopter of legal tech and is from the first firms in Qatar to push for digital transformation. The legal team used to face countless issues keeping track of all cases, matters, and hearings before adopting Lexzur tech.

Now, Karbon Law Firm is taking serious steps toward a full and comprehensive transformation, aiming to achieve efficiency, and accuracy, while saving time, effort and expenses, and most importantly, providing better client service.

Karbon Law Firm uses Lexzur Core’s Corporate Matters and Litigation Cases to streamline all operations, keep track of important dates with automated reminders, sync workflows across teams, and streamline communication on all fronts. 

With that said, Dr. Darwish adds that the potential of Lexzur’s technology is truly endless. She emphasizes the importance of having technology that can grow with and cater to your firm’s ever-changing needs.

Lexzur Core offers so much value. There are still features we haven’t tapped into, yet. We’re excited to explore the robust functions and we see Lexzur as an essential and strategic partner to push our digital transformation forward.

Seamless Collaboration

Since adopting the Lexzur software, Karbon Law Firm has transformed for the better.  
Dr. Darwish sees major improvement in team collaboration. This has a direct impact on productivity and performance. Dr. Darwish is very impressed by the software’s ability to streamline communication across the different departments of the firm.

Certainly, the work has changed for the better. Our colleagues can collaborate on cases and documents and review all modifications that occurred to a document with an indication of who modified this document and the date of modification. The entire company is on the same page.

I highly recommend the Lexzur system for law firms or legal teams of any size. Lexzur has provided comprehensive legal management software that is customizable and easy to use. The system is extremely effective in helping our team manage legal matters, litigation, and documents.