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About the client

Depa Group is one of the world’s leading providers of interior solutions. Listed on the Nasdaq with multi-national presence, Depa Group provides a solid supporting structure and guidance to its Key Business Units (KBUs). These KBUs are Depa Interiors Group, Deco Group that includes Eldiar, Carrara Mid-East, Design Studio Group, and Vedder. All centered around three operating hubs in the UAE, Germany, and Singapore. Depa Group’s KBUs employs thousands of people worldwide.

The challenge

The corporate employs thousands of people worldwide. The in-house legal team at Depa Group deals with a wide range of people, whether they are employees or customers.

In recent years the role of in-house legal counsel has significantly changed. No longer limited to managing risk, legal counsel is now seen as a business partner, driving, and impact strategic direction. The responsibility of legal counsel in Depa Group is to understand the business’s objectives, strategy and pressure points, and be able to deal with the associated issues that come from all directions. 

The biggest challenge was the amount of legal queries due to the volume and spontaneity of requests coming from different requesters; the legal team faces a challenge to stay on top of Matters, Contracts, and other legal requests with different due dates. That’s why they try looking for a solution that provides centralization, collaboration, visibility, and security.

The solution

One way to improve productivity and service delivery is to adopt new technology to create efficiencies across all areas of the legal department. The cloud-based technology of Lexzur enabled the in-house legal team at Depa to adopt a new business model quickly and easily. It also enables innovation, accessibility, and productivity at a faster rate than what could be achieved in the past – with better security.

The results

Lexzur helped the legal team at Depa Group to centralize the management of Legal Matters and client’s information while conforming to a legal department’s unique workflows and business rules.

The top business benefits Depa Group is seeing as a result of using APP4Legal :

One centralized location

The in-house legal team is now using Lexzur as a robust legal practice management solution that ensures all the moving parts of every matter, including documents, contacts, emails, and other communications are in one centralized location giving them instant access to any matter information they need.

Make collaboration painless

The in-house legal team in the Depa group is now having access to their files everywhere they go and can move work forward from anywhere without sticking to their offices. All details and documents are organized in an online location for easy retrieval, where more than one lawyer can work on the same case from different log-in locations.

Work form Outlook

Outlook Connect allowed the legal team in the Depa group to effortlessly sync emails & attachments, add information, and check on the latest updates and documents directly from Lexzur.

Training and Installation

As part of App4legal partnership with the Depa group, Lexzur Experts provided the in-house legal team with a variety of support services, beginning with initial installation and hands-on training. The training helped them to get the most comprehensive knowledge of Lexzur and keep up with the curve of digital transformation and culture building.