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About Ahmed Zekry: 

Ahmed Hussein Zekry, Head of Legal at Banque Misr UAE is an experienced Legal Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry. Skilled in Corporate, Banking, Financial Contracts, Dispute Resolution, and Commercial Banking. Ahmed holds a License of Law from Cairo University and a Master of Laws (LL.M.) focused on International Business Law from the University of Liverpool. 

About Banque Misr: 

Banque Misr (BM), founded in 1920 by economist Mohamed Talaat Harb Pasha, is Egypt’s first locally owned bank. It has financed diverse sectors like textiles, insurance, transportation, and entertainment. With shares in 157 companies spanning finance, tourism, housing, and more, BM maintains a diversified portfolio. A tech-savvy pioneer, it adheres to PCI data security standards and extends banking services via a vast ATM network across Egypt.

Redefining Efficiency: How Lexzur Transforms Legal and Contract Processes at Banque Misr UAE. 

We had the pleasure of speaking with Ahmed Zekry, Head of Legal at Banque Misr in UAE, about the transformative power of Lexzur when it comes to the legal and contractual operations at Banque Misr UAE. 

Ahmed Zekry recalls his first experience with Lexzur, in 2015, receiving an email from Lexzur while still employed with Mashreq Bank. He spearheaded the initiative to integrate Lexzur into their operations and was blown away by the results. When he moved to Emirates Development Bank, he also spearheaded the initiative of digitizing through Lexzur. Now, at Banque Misr UAE, Ahmed Zekry continues to transform legal teams and operations with Lexzur solutions. 

I led the initiative to integrate Lexzur into our operations, and the implementation proved to be highly effective and successful every time!

When discussing his choice of software, Ahmed Zekry emphasized Lexzur’s user-friendliness, its seamless integration with a complete contract lifecycle management solution, and its automation features that let nothing fall through the cracks.

I especially enjoyed its user-friendly interface, with quick and effective navigation — even for individuals without a legal background.

At Banque Misr UAE, the volume of tasks and cases is truly substantial. Using Lexzur, deadline management is a breeze, with automated reminders and notifications, that ensure nothing is missed.

All that said, one main reason for choosing Lexzur is adaptability to the legal landscape of the UAE. 

Lexzur is dynamic and aligns closely with the judicial system of the UAE, making it ideal for local applications.

Features that Revolutionize Legal Work at Banque Misr

Initially, the team was skeptical about integrating Lexzur, fearing it would disrupt established workflows. However, their apprehensions were dispelled after using it, and they recognized its value for streamlining tasks. 

Today, Lexzur is integral to our daily operations and has notably improved team collaboration. Members now actively engage with its various features, from task management to case management and report generation, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Enhanced Tracking for Cases and Tasks

Before implementing Lexzur at Banque Misr UAE, Ahmed Zekry recalls a time when tracking tasks, requests, and cases relied largely on email for follow-ups, which was neither efficient nor foolproof. Important requests often got lost in the clutter of inboxes, making it difficult to maintain accountability and ensure timely execution. Now, this has all changed.

Lexzur has revolutionized the way we manage tasks, cases, and requests. The system’s robust tracking capabilities ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Every case, task, and request is meticulously documented, allowing for real-time status updates and accountability.

Centralized Case History: 

Ahmed Zekry references the importance of having a centralized database that allows for easy browsing and retrieval of case histories. Previously, it was difficult to construct a coherent timeline of events or actions related to individual cases, often resulting in inefficient research and delays. Lexzur provided Banque Misr UAE with a unified repository for all case-related information, enabling easy retrieval and analysis.

Now, tracing the chain of customer requests or any other interactions related to a case has become straightforward and efficient.

Custom Reporting & Streamlined Appraisals:

Monitoring and assessing key performance indicators (KPIs) was another area of struggle. Lexzur excels in analytics and offers versatile options for customizing reports. 

This has been invaluable for measuring our team’s KPIs, thereby aiding in informed decision-making processes for assessments and improvements.

The absence of an effective system made regular performance appraisals for team members cumbersome, as there was no streamlined way to track individual contributions and assess strengths and weaknesses. Lexzur now also simplifies the appraisal process for Banque Misr. 

Lexzur makes it easier to conduct comprehensive and fair evaluations by providing detailed tracking of individual performance metrics.

Exceptional Support & Training: 

Ahmed Zekry deeply appreciates the work of the Lexzur Support and Training Team – from helping understand how to maximize existing features of App4Legal, to accomodating requests for new features and customizations. 

The support team has been exceptionally responsive and available, consistently addressing any queries or concerns we’ve had about the system or its features. They’re proactive in accommodating requests for new features or customizations. We truly appreciate their receptiveness to our insights when it comes to system enhancements. Lexzur is an invaluable partner in our operations.

My endorsement of Lexzur is evident from the fact that I’ve implemented Lexzur in three different banks, all with great success. Additionally, we consistently recommend Lexzur with law firms we collaborate with!

Lexzur streamlines communication, minimizes email clutter, and eliminates bottlenecks, making it an invaluable tool for banks and law firms.