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Lexzur Launches Lexzur Marketplace: The Ultimate Gateway for Tailored Legal-Tech Solutions & Global Collaboration 

Lexzur Makretplace

November 7, 2023 

UAE, Dubai – Lexzur, leading legal tech software editor revolutionizing the legal tech industry with innovative solutions, proudly announces the launch of the Lexzur Marketplace; the ultimate gateway to discover, try, and buy a diverse array of integrated applications, designed to connect seamlessly with Lexzur’s cutting-edge products.   

The Lexzur Marketplace aims to redefine the way professionals access and leverage essential tools. It provides one unified platform to browse and shop integrated applications that tailor and amplify the capabilities of Lexzur products. These integrated applications streamline automation across platforms, enhance collaboration, centralize document management, offer verifiable e-signatures, and so much more. 

This strategic move by Lexzur, not only elevates its users’ experience, but also offers a huge opportunity for third-party developers and partners. Becoming an Lexzur Marketplace Partner opens up lucrative opportunities for developers by providing a platform where they can develop and sell their applications to Lexzur users, worldwide.

Feras El Hajjar, CEO at Lexzur says, ” Lexzur Marketplace is a platform we’re very proud of and excited about. Not only is it a notable enhancement to the global legal-tech ecosystem, but it also empowers us to customize our products for individual local markets with jurisdiction-specific apps.”  

About Lexzur 

Lexzur is a leading legal tech software editor, with a global presence spanning over 67 countries, offering highly configurable Legal Practice Management Software with Advanced Automation capabilities, Lexzur Core, and Complete Contract Lifecycle Management Software with Agile Document Automation features, Contra. Lexzur offers a range of additional modules and integrations that answer the needs of the entire legal market of in-house legal teams and law firms in any jurisdiction, as well as departmental business units, and other industry verticals. 

Recently awarded ‘Best Legal Tech Company of the Year’ by Entrepreneur Middle East and having secured a strategic seven-figure funding round led by UAE based Aditum Ventures, Lexzur continues to revolutionize the legal tech industry, and drive success in new markets. 

Earlier this year, Lexzur released Contra Powered by AI, redefining efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility with cutting-edge technology encompassing machine learning, natural language processing, and automation, saving invaluable time and resources while minimizing risks and maximizing compliance.   

Other notable milestones for Lexzur this year are the launch of its Legal Tech Podcast, Tech4Legal, where their experts take a closer look at the latest in legal tech innovation and speak with global industry leaders on the evolving legal tech scene.  

Website: lexzur.wpenginepowered.com | Socials: LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook