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Best Case Management Software for Law Firms: How Lexzur is Helping Law Firms with Case Management 

Lexzur currently offers a range of solutions fit for law firms of any size. Lexzur Core is Legal Management Software with Task and Workflow Automation, offering everything law firms need to manage clients, cases and matters, legal documents, workflow automation, time billing, invoicing, and much more. Lexzur also offers Complete CLM with Document Automation, Contra, Communication Portals, and thousands of integrations

Let’s take a closer look at Lexzur Core as a Case Management Software for Law Firms. 

Lexzur Core Features Empowering Law Firm Case Management 

Lexzur Core is highly modular and customizable. It offers an endless range of tools and features that can be turned on and off, configured, and designed to suit your law firm management needs and processes. Below is a breakdown of how each of these features will drive efficiency, accuracy, and better-informed decision-making when it comes to case management for your legal practice. 

    1. Design your own software:  

    All Lexzur products offer customizable options that allow law firms to tailor the software to their specific needs and design automated workflows. You can edit every setting and value in the system, and even change the look and feel. Customization helps optimize processes, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.   

      1. Manage and Track Cases: 

      Track and manage cases throughout their lifecycle. Keep a centralized database where case information, key dates, contacts, and related documents can be stored. All with permission-based access, so the key collaborators can add or edit case details on the fly, creating one secure and up-to-date source of truth. Navigate through cases more effectively, retrieve information easily, and track progress accurately. 

        1. Optimize Collaboration Across the Board: 

        Collaboration features facilitate teamwork and communication within the law firm. Collaborate on cases, share documents, and exchange information, improving efficiency and fostering effective teamwork. Integrate with over 5000 applications, off the shelf. For example, you can start instant video conferencing call using Zoom or MS Teams and redline in real-time using Office 365.  

        Using Lexzur Core, law firms can organize and categorize documents related to each case and link any document or file to specific cases or clients. This, along with a secure and searchable repository that connects to all cloud document management solutions, ensures easy retrieval of any data, and eliminates the risk of losing or misplacing important information. 

        Additionally, The Lexzur Client Portal is the perfect solution for any law firm looking to simplify and streamline communication with clients. Empower self-serve features, real-time collaboration on documents, automatic follow up, and much more. Enjoy secure messaging and sharing of files or documents and allow clients to be updated on case progress without the hassle of manually updating them yourself. 

          1. Automate Workflows Tasks and Reminders 

          Standardize workflows, trigger notifications, and enhance overall efficiency. Workflow Automation on Lexzur Core is highly configurable. You can design complete Approval and Signature centers to manage and track work across the different stages of your case. You define approvers, signers, or other collaborators, and allow permission-based access to edit case stages and information, add comments, approve or e-sign with one click. This helps reduce manual work, bottlenecks, and errors.  

          Additionally, you can create, assign, and monitor all the tasks related to a specific case, so that nothing falls through the cracks, and all deadlines are met. Automate repetitive tasks to be assigned to specific users, when triggered by certain actions taken the system. For example, the initiation or completion of a specific stage in your case workflow could trigger a task to be assigned to a particular member of your team. 

          And finally, stay on top of key responsibilities such as notice periods, renewals, or automatic increases, and ensure that the right people are alerted at the right time with automated reminders, notifications; in-app and via email. Stay up to date at every stage. Never miss a deadline again. Increase compliance between teams 

            1. Track Custom Metrics on Single-view Dashboards: 

            Lexzur Core provides insights into case performance, resource allocation, and financials. Law firms can generate reports to assess case progress, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to improve their overall operations – all on agile, customizable, single-view dashboards. 

            Generate advanced reports with one click, so you can spend more time analyzing the data rather than collecting it. Illustrate progress on all fronts, in real-time, including; productivity, finances, and virtually any custom metric users wish to track. Law firms can track profitability, identify trends, optimize resource allocation, and so much more. 

              1. Streamline Time Billing and Invoicing 

              The Lexzur Core Time Tracking feature helps attorneys accurately record and keep track of the time spent on each case, which facilitates precise billing and invoicing automation. Law firms are able to streamline their financial processes, generate invoices automatically with just a few clicks, and track payments more efficiently. 

                1. Optimize Legal Calendaring:  

                Having a smart and synchronized legal calendar that is accessible and applicable to your entire team is essential. Using Lexzur Core helps firms stay organized by managing important dates, such as court appearances, deadlines, and meetings. Integration with other software tools ensures that calendar events are synced across platforms and accessible to all team members. 

                  1. Archive in a Secure Searchable Repository: 

                  Protecting sensitive client information is of the highest priority to law firms. Lexzur products offer secure data storage and comply with various data privacy regulations. This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of client data. Lexzur also integrates with all cloud document management solutions, such as Google Drive™, One Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint, and so many more. 

                  Additional Lexzur Core Modules, Tools, Features, and Apps Driving Effective & Efficient Case Mangement for Law Firms 

                  The Lexzur Client Portal 

                  While clients or requesters will enjoy the ease of access, transparency, and seamless collaboration, Legal Teams will benefit from the simple yet advanced, customizable input settings and organizational structures, including the ability to customize request types, permissions, and so much more. Eliminate the need to sift through thousands of emails to find the latest update to a document, an essential attachment, or a simple note or feedback from the client. Easily share, update, and collaborate on matters, cases, and contracts in real time, and in one searchable space. 

                  The Lexzur Advisor Portal 

                  Collaborate in real-time seamlessly and in one place. No need to make a call or sift through thousands of emails to follow up on outsourced work. Legal teams can even track progress on all outsourced matters, cases, documents, and more, at any instant. All outsourced work related to any external advisor is centralized in one smart space. Organize, structure, and synchronize work between all the members of the legal team and concerned parties. The Advisor portal offers one central source of truth. Consistency is essential to optimize internal workflows and processes. Building and applying consistent standards and procedures allows the legal team to measure and improve, as well as establishing accountability on both sides; for the legal team and the external advisors. 

                  Contra by Lexzur  

                  Predefined legal document templates can save significant time and effort in drafting legal documents. Software tools that provide a library of templates tailored to different case types enable attorneys to generate documents quickly while ensuring accuracy and consistency. 

                  The Lexzur Mobile Application 

                  Mobile access to case management software enables attorneys to stay connected and access case information on the go. This flexibility allows them to respond promptly to client queries, access documents, and track case progress from anywhere. 

                  More Apps & Integrations 

                  Integration with other legal tools enhances the functionality and efficiency of case management software. Integration with tools such as legal research databases, e-discovery platforms, or court filing systems allows for seamless data transfer and collaboration between different software applications, saving time and reducing manual data entry. 

                  Explore Lexzur Products. 

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