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Lexzur 360 Docs – Free Integrations with Cloud Doc. Management Solutions

Finally, legal practitioners can have a single source for all their shared documents and files on virtually any cloud document management solution, in a central, user-friendly, and secure repository. Users are now able to use Lexzur 360 Docs to seamlessly integrate their Lexzur instance with Google Drive™, One drive, Dropbox and Sharepoint. All for no additional cost to the monthly or annual subscription. The list of integrations is growing, and can be developed upon request for enterprise-level users. 

How it Works 

In order to combine all these platforms in a single interface, our team developed a “multiple tabs” system, directly integrated with Lexzur Documents. This means users are able to switch with one-click between files shared on Google Drive™, Dropbox, Sharepoint, One Drive, or others coming soon.  

These integrations are enabled solely by the admin user. Once enabled, users are able to access all the Lexzur 360 Docs integrations wherever documents can be accessed in Lexzur. 

Structure & Linking 

When it comes to Folder Structure, Lexzur 360 Docs uses the default folder structure for each of the integrated platforms. For example, when users click on the “Sharepoint Tab”, the files and folders are displayed exactly as they would be in Sharepoint. The same goes for every integration. 

Users are also able to take quick actions and make changes to their files and folders in Google Drive™, One Drive, Dropbox, or Sharepoint, directly through the Lexzur Instance. This includes renaming, uploading and downloading folders and files…etc. 

Important to note is the linking of files and documents to related matters, cases, contacts, bills, and more. Lexzur 360 Docs is linked to every module. This means users are able to access their documents on the fly – regardless of the task at hand. Let’s say a user is working on a specific matter, they’ll be able to view and link all documents in any of their shared folders on these cloud solutions. Lexzur 360 Docs ensures that everything is centralized, accessible, and mapped out. 

Enjoy the look and feel of your favorite apps, in one place, maintain a sense of control, and consistently link your files to their related contacts, cases, matters, invoices, and more. All for no additional cost to your monthly or annual Lexzur subscription. 
To learn more about this integration, please contact us.  

Other Free Lexzur Add-ons include; Webex, Word,  and the Lexzur Mobile Application. Additionally, Lexzur currently offers integration with Outlook, Gmail™, and Microsoft Teams. 

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