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Legal Management Software for Law Firms & Legal Teams

Legal Management Software and Workflow Management Solutions are becoming increasingly efficient, affordable, and crucial to your competitive edge in the Legal Industry. As a legal practitioner or any professional in the legal field, you’ve surely heard of, or come across, Legal Automation Systems, or Law Firm Management Software. In the following blog, we will bridge the gap in your understanding and shed light on the potential of using smart integrated systems to manage, facilitate and speed up legal operations. 

What can Legal Management Software Do? 

Legal Management software functionality can vary dramatically from one product to another. Lexzur Core, for example, covers every aspect of running any legal practice; for an attorney, law firm, or in-house legal department. 

Case & Matter Management 

Lexzur Core offers complete control over Corporate Matters and Litigation Cases. Manage and track every aspect, add stakeholders, assign tasks, collaborate, access and edit related documents, set deadlines, meetings and reminders – all within one central workspace. 

CRM – Client Management 

Additionally, Lexzur Core users are able to centralize all Client Data, such as leads, partners, and all collaborators or concerned parties, with the ability to fill in searchable details, link related legal documents and expenses, and much more. 

Task & Workflow Automation 

What if you could customize and configure every aspect of a software to streamline your workflows, and automate repetitive tasks? Now, using Lexzur Core, you can easily design and visualize your legal processes and workflows; virtually eliminating administrative tasks, bottlenecks, human error, redundancies, and repeated effort. 

Dashboards & Custom Metrics 

Moreover, Lexzur Core offers smart and advanced reporting and analytics features that allow users to generate reports & KPIs, as well as monitor and streamline efforts using customizable single-view dashboards. This gives Lexzur Core users the ability to make more informed decisions. 

Legal Billing & E-invoicing 

Additionally, Lexzur Core offers its users the ability to track time and manage all transactions with a powerful billing module. This module allows for the logging of time entries, and automatic configurable invoice generation. 

Central Secure Repository 

Lastly, and important to note, Lexzur Core acts as a Searchable Digital Repository for users to manage, archive, and link all files and documents to their related cases, matters, contacts, and more. All with unlimited data storage, high-level security, and a smart, user-friendly interface. 

How do Add-ons & Integrations work? 

An essential function or benefit of Legal Management Software is Seamless Integration with popular apps and tools that professionals already use, daily. From Email Integrations to Cloud Storage Integrations, and Zaps! Lexzur, for example, offers integrations with Gmail™ or Outlook, Microsoft Word, DropBox, One Drive, SharePoint, Google Drive™, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and so much more. Let’s take a closer look at how an Integration can save time and effort; 

Email Integration:  

Email integrations allow users to add data to a central workspace directly from the email tab. Users are able to add contacts, cases, matters, tasks, or notes, without exiting the email window. You can include the whole email or select parts of it and attach the documents in the email to a specific matter. Users are also able to access dashboards, contacts, and more through quick links. 

Cloud Document Management Integration: 

Legal Management Software, such as Lexzur Core, provides a central space integrated seamlessly with all your shared documents and files on Google Drive™, Dropbox, SharePoint, and One Drive. The system offers a single interface with multiple tabs that simplify the process of sifting through and managing countless files on different isolated platforms. 

Virtual Meeting Integration: 

Additionally, having a Microsoft Teams or Webex Integration allows users to check the status of their matters, scan recent communications, and plan for upcoming events directly from the appropriate channel in Microsoft Teams. With Lexzur Core, users are able to convert matters and contracts to Channels inside Teams with all related Stakeholders automatically – facilitating collaboration with external users outside of the organization. 

What are the Key Benefits to using Legal Management Software: 

Increased Productivity 

Users are able to save time and effort spent on mundane and repetitive tasks, using configurable settings and automation. For example, reducing bottlenecks and human errors by streamlining the legal processes and workflows, or tracking time logs and generating custom invoices automatically. 

Data Security 

Today, data security remains the top concern for law firms and legal departments worldwide. By investing in trusted and secure legal management software, users ensure the highest-level security measures are taken to protect their practice. 


Everything is in one place; creating a single source of truth for all users, external advisors, stakeholders, and internal collaborators to manage, edit, approve, sign store, refer, extract, track, and report. Adding automation into the mix, this revolutionizes how users manage the day-to-day processes of initiating matters, organizing their workflow, billing, and administrating reports. 

Powerful Communication 

Collaborate faster and more efficiently. Using smart integrations with MS Word or MS Teams, users are able to communicate more effectively in a centralized synchronized space rather than multiple isolated channels. Efficient communication with your team allows for more transparency and increases compliance within the legal firm. Consequently, no detail is left out or missed. 

Client Satisfaction 

For lawyers, getting their work accomplished on time and conducting it accurately for their clients is monumental for their growth in the legal industry. For clients, it is becoming increasingly valuable for them to receive accurate and timely information on the fly, and transparent detailed invoices with breakdowns. With Lexzur, clients are able to funnel their requests through a client portal with just a few clicks.  

Added Value offered by Lexzur Core 

  • Multiple Languages & Currencies  
  • Live 24/6 Support 
  • Free Training Videos & Documentation Center 
  • GDPR Certified Security 

How to get started using Lexzur Core? 

It’s easy! Click here to Try it for Free, and we’ll guide you on your journey from there. 

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