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Electronic Signature for Lawyers | A Quick Guide 

In recent years, electronic signatures have become increasingly popular. Today, it’s essential to be able to manage and execute contracts digitally. This includes understanding what an electronic signature is, and how to create and use one, efficiently. In this blog we cover all the essentials and benefits of Electronic Signature for lawyers. 

What is an electronic signature? 

An Electronic Signature, also known as a Digital Signature, or an e-signature, is the digitized and legally binding consent or approval on electronic documents, contracts, or forms.   

More specifically, an e-signature can be a picture of your handwritten signature, your name typed out, or a more advanced format with a higher level of security and more criteria. For an electronic signature to be considered legally valid, there are a few key characteristics that include; intent, consent, accuracy, and retention – depending on the jurisdiction of your country or region. 

What are the benefits of using e-signatures? 

Below are some of the key benefits to using digital signatures on a wide scale; applicable to lawyers, as well as, any other departments in any industry or setting.

Secure & Legally Binding 

Not only are digitized signatures recognized and legal, they’re secure, trusted, and enforceable in virtually every country on the globe. 

Fast & Efficient 

E-signatures save time and effort, by allowing clients and legal practitioners to sign from anywhere on the fly – speeding up the contract lifecycle. 

Cost-Effective & Eco-Friendly 

As you’d expect, using e-signatures significantly reduces costs, as well as the use of paper, transportation, and more. 

How to make an electronic signature? 

To make sure that your signature is legally valid and verifiable globally, it’s always best to use Digital Signature Software. This ensures accuracy and security, and allows for the creation of more advanced and qualified electronic signatures for lawyers, or that a user may need for specific contracts or agreements. 

There are a number of user-friendly and intuitive solutions on the market that you can find with a quick search on your favorite search engine. Make sure to look into the features, credentials, reviews, and testimonials for each software before you choose what’s right for your particular case. 

It is also worth noting that Digital Signature Software often integrates with more robust Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions. This is especially useful for teams and departments that handle a large number of contracts frequently. Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions offer a wide range of features from the auto- generation of repetitive contracts, to automated renewals, custom metrics, and more. 

Lexzur offers an agile and highly configurable CLM solution with Document Automation, and E-signature Integration.

Learn More or Try it for Free. 

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