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How Contra Revolutionizes Contract Management in Banking and Financial Institutions  

Contract Management in Banking and Financial Institutions

Let’s take a closer look at how Contra, our Complete Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software with Document Automation, can increase productivity, streamline collaboration, save time, reduce errors and increase compliance in Banking and Financial Institutions

Simplify Contract Creation and Authoring 

Seamless contract generation and drafting by automating repetitive contracts using pre-saved templates. These templates help ensure that all contracts comply with relevant regulations and are consistent with the bank’s policies and procedures. 

      • Auto-generate contracts from pre-saved versions 
      • Easily Import and Save document templates 
      • Configure every aspect of the contract workflow 
      • Condition-based approval workflows  

    Collaborate and Redline Contracts in Real-Time 

    Contra enables contract parties in banks and financial institutions to efficiently negotiate, review, redline, and share contracts and legal documents in real-time, with the ability to assign access to collaborators based on entity, department, or role. 

        • Live negotiation & Instant feedback 
        • Defined hierarchy & roles at every stage
        • Share & collaborate with external parties 
        • Ensure data security throughout the review process 

      Automate Contract and Document Approval 

      Contra is a smart contract management solution that streamlines the document approval process. It allows you to set up a defined approval center or authority matrix, enabling control over who can approve contracts or view documents in any format. 

          • Centralized and configurable approval workflows 
          • Full version control to track edits and audit trials 
          • Visibility of changes made by collaborators 
          • Automated notifications throughout the approval processes  

        Supports Digital and Electronic Signatures 

        Contra allows banks to easily e-sign contracts and integrate with tools like DocuSign and AdobeSign to provide authentic electronic signatures, saving time and effort for all parties involved in the process. E-signatures are secure and compliant with legal and regulatory requirements. 

            • Sign contracts on the fly 
            • Manage unlimited contracts 
            • Make remote work more efficient 

          Set Alerts and Reminders 

          Stay on top of contract obligations by setting up alerts and reminders for key contract obligations such as notice periods, renewals, and updates, ensuring that the right people are alerted at the right time. 

              • Timely alerts and reminders for contract obligations 
              • Never miss important deadlines and obligations 
              • Increases compliance between teams and ensure that the right people are alerted at the right time 

            Contract Repository and Meta-data 

            A centralized contract repository to store and organize all bank documents and contracts in a central, searchable repository, where you can access them securely from anywhere. 

                • Advanced search options and filters 
                • Bulk-Upload files and data for easy migration 
                • Role-based access controls for authorized personnel 
                • Archive all documents and secure sensitive contract data 

              Valuable Insights with Custom Reports and KPIs 

              Contra is a comprehensive contract management solution that allows banks to create custom reports and key performance indicators (KPIs), providing valuable insights into their contract management processes. 

                  • Full visibility in a single-view and responsive dashboard 
                  • Extract Customized reports based on your KPI’s 
                  • Easily measure performance, productivity, and progress 
                  • Get real-time insights for better decision-making and risk management