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How to Challenge Norms and Build a Strong Law Firm Culture?

While technology has been a major driving force for all industries, the legal ecosystem has been a late entrant in the space. Since the ages-old, the legal fraternity had been heavily reliant on manual intervention for tasks. From scouting through a roomful of books to standing in queues for printed matter, digitization and automation in this sector was hardly something any lawyer had pondered upon. But off late, the scene has changed or rather is undergoing a sea of changes owing to the advent of technology. 

Legal technology is now a booming industry on its own that is hurling success and proficiency along the way of lawyers and legal firms. Things that traditionally took hours and days to complete can now be accomplished within minutes or a few hours at max. The soaring popularity and adoption of digital technology in the legal space have swept the sector off its feet.
Global legal technology led by the prowess of AI is projected to grow stupendously at a CAGR of 37.7% year-on-year according to a recent report by Absolute Markets Insights. The report also confirms that digitization trends in traditional legal practices are acting as catalysts aiding to this global phenomenon.

Owing to the rapid adoption of digital practices ditching the traditional counterparts, lawyers, law firms, paralegals, and the entire legal community at large have been witnessing paramount success and efficiency at levels they had never fathomed conquering. Let us look at how lawyers are challenging traditional norms to build a stronger work culture and smarter processes at law firms riding on the back of technology.

  • Digitized and centralized documentation: Documentation was all manual, sieving through tons of pages and books, standing in queues for print outs, etc. are passe today. Digitization has taken over the scene and has eased a lot of existing problems. Centralized cloud storage has further aided to ease of access to documents and reference matter from anywhere, anytime.
  • Automation of mundane tasks: A lot of tasks that were traditionally done manually are today automated using legal technology solutions. This has resulted in achieving a higher efficiency level and ROI.
  • Digitized financial management: Gone are the days when lawyers at the firm had to double as accountants or hire a specialized accountant to clock in the expenses and incomes, generate bills and invoices and do the calculations. With advanced legal technology software, legal firms can do away with the additional expense and wastage of time on financial computations, let the software take care of it all for you.
  • Tracking time and managing calendar: Technology solutions for law firms have become superlative enough to keep time and manage calendar logs within the embedded software solution. You don’t need to mark dates and add appointments lists in your journals and fear missing the dates anymore. The innate calendar also sets alerts for upcoming deadlines and appointments.
  • Generating reports on the fly: Analyzing data and generating reports just got easier and prompter with legal technology software. Instant report generation has made life more breathable for lawyers, legal assistants, and paralegals who need not worry about the backend processes anymore.
  • Simplified case and litigation management: Centralized docketing facilitates tracking of all the cases, managing contacts, documents, and details related to cases and hearings, and making the process more organized and at the same time accessible from anywhere, anytime.
  • Flawless contract development and managing: In the yesteryears, drafting contracts and agreements manually called for a lot of unwanted errors and resulted in multiple amendments and iterations. But with the prowess of AI and NLP led technology solutions available in legal technology software, legal firms can vouch for higher productivity with error-free contracts and agreements and in turn encash higher client satisfaction.
  • Automating run-of-the-mill tasks: Half the taskforce at law firms was earlier deployed doing run-of-the-mill tasks that needed no cognitive or strategic attention. And no brownie point for guessing that lawyers always hated these tasks. The adoption of smart technology has equipped law firms with the power to automate such tasks and get them done much faster and at a much lower expense. 
  • Enhanced client experience: Client experience matters a lot today, this is what drives higher (or lower if your services are poor) revenue. Hence, offering a state-of-the-art experience to clients today is imperative, you can’t mess this up. Legal technology enables a better and more transparent communication platform and results in higher client satisfaction.
  • GDPR compliance and intellectual property management: A comprehensive legal technology solution allows you to manage intellectual properties like patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. in a more structured way. It also enables you to stay compliant with the GDPR rulebook while dealing with such delicate customer information and data.
  • Staying notified always: Notification and alerting systems also lets you never miss another update from your team or client on the cases you are involved in. The software innately integrates with your emails, calendars, and other applications to set automated reminders and notifications so that you never miss a deadline or schedule.

Lexzur is a complete practice management solution for law firms and in-house legal professionals and has been defining the way legal teams run their everyday tasks. Its innate modules and the user-friendly design (literally lets anyone use the application like a pro) has already won a lot of patrons in the market. At Lexzur we strive to make the lives of the legal fraternity easy and simplified along with letting them achieve higher goals with a constantly evolving technology solution. The solution is carefully designed to suit the needs of lawyers, law firms (of any size), and that of in-house corporate legal teams, all at the most competitive price point and superlative technology and security embodiment.

“The software is extremely flexible and easy to use and gives a 360-degree approach towards practice management. It’s user-friendly UI/UX lets lawyers use the application smoothly even without having any technological know-how themselves.” – Lexzur user.

“Lexzur has an outstanding case management system and streamlines day-to-day work. It further amplifies our efficiency and empowers us to offer a more sophisticated experience to our clients.” – Lexzur user.

Lexzur technology has given a new direction to how smart law firms work today. 

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