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Yerevan, Armenia

Practice areas

Antitrust and Competition, Banking and Finance, Corporate and Tax, Foreign Investments, Intellectual Property, Health and Pharmaceuticals and Litigation and Arbitration

Started using Lexzur in


Products implemented

Outlook Connect and Core

Who is Gor Margaryan?

Managing Partner of the firm, Gor Margayan’s career is nothing less than a success story for the books. From working on multimillion dollar procurement contracts, to dealing with global clients such as Samsung, Huawei and LC Walkiki, Gor has proven to be somewhat of a superstar in the legal field. With all this success, his core values drill down to the three fundamentals: humility, respect and integrity. 

He says, “Our values are based on uncompromised quality and value delivery to our clients. Proactivity and going an extra mile is our normal way of work. Professional pride, integrity, honesty and respect for each other and to clients are values we embody and make the core of everything we do.”

Legelata needed a tailored and hassle-free solution

It was simple. Legelata needed a solution that required little tech-knowledge, answered all of their needs and showed true results. 

“Before Lexzur, we were using Bitrix and Excel sheets to manage our tasks, documents, accounting and collaboration needs. While using these tools I remember thinking to myself ‘this is not efficient at all’. We were using too many disconnected tools that, if anything, increased mundane tasks rather than removed them”, says Gor, “We needed to adopt a solution that intrinsically understood our line of work. Lexzur was that solution. It’s literally in their name!”

He continues, “Apart from being practical, they provide bespoke services and support a user friendly interface, all while continuously improving the quality of their product. This is why we chose Lexzur.”

Improved efficiency, organization and management by 50%

For Legelata, the perfect management system means that every aspect of the firm has a place and purpose. From organizing contacts, mapping documents, managing cases, to managing finances and tracking workflows- everything has a certain level of importance. Gor says, “When you start organizing your firm with Lexzur Core, you realize how each matter, task or element is dependent on one another. No longer is a task ‘mundane, repetitive or pointless. Rather Core pushes you to embrace each element as integral to the firm that needs to be executed in the right way to be effective.” 

“At its core, Lexzur has given us the opportunity to grow from the ground up. It has improved our efficiency, productivity and organization ratios by 50%,” he adds.

Generating out-of-box reports

He says, “As a Managing Partner, I want to make sure that our firm is heading in the right direction and that goals and objectives are met accordingly. However, I also don’t want to be ringing everyone up constantly and asking for progress reports here and there- that can get annoying. With the reporting feature in Core, I can generate accurate and organic reports just about anything in no time at all.” It is now routine for Gor to generate monthly financial reports. He explains, “With financial reports, I am able to keep track of everything that is going in and out of our firm. This enables me to identify whether our budget is effective, whether we’re generating enough revenue and what expenses are incurred.”

Generate reports that incentivize progress

Save 2 hours a day with emails

Along with Core, Legelata has also implemented Outlook Connect. This is an add-on which integrates the users Outlook account to Core. Why does a lawyer need this?

“One of our main communication streams with our clients is through emails, meaning valuable and case-sensitive information is exchanged which needs immediate attention. With Outlook Connect I can add information, upload email attachments and sync emails to Core directly from Outlook, meaning every matter is always updated, without having to leave the platform,” says Gor.

Let’s do the math.

On average, Gor physically handles around 30 information-heavy emails a day. Without Lexzur, handling 1 email takes 5 minutes (this includes recording information, downloading and storing attachments etc). With A4O, this takes less than 1 minute. If the math is right (and it is), you’re saving 2 hours a day. Gor says, “Time is money in this business. Saving money and staying cost-efficient is quintessential to an efficient and productive firm.” 

To end with, why do you think firms should innovate their practice through Lexzur?

Gor concludes, “Lexzur is developed with due care to the needs of legal community for efficient organization of their work/business. Their customer centric approach is very proactive and continuously improves the qualities of their products by adding more features and improving existing ones. It is a tool which probably replaces a number of functions in the firm for supervision, client management, business analysis and project management. Innovation is the cornerstone of our work and permanent growth. Advancing our technology allows us to provide new solutions and high level service to our clients.”

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