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Feras El Hajjar Exclusive Interview in the Jameson Legal International Salary Guide 2024


Gain insights into our strategic vision and our commitment to legal tech innovation in this exclusive interview with Lexzur CEO, Feras El Hajjar. This interview is featured in the Jameson Legal International Salary Guide 2024, proudly sponsored by Lexzur.

A new chapter unfolds with the launch of Lexzur. For years, Lexzur has been synonymous with innovation and leadership in legal technology. We have built a company of dedicated individuals, driven by the passion to empower legal professionals with cutting-edge tools and solutions.

Today, the legal tech landscape is evolving, and encompasses far more than just legal teams. From departmental business units to various industry verticals, countless professionals are seeking legal tech solutions that streamline their workflows and enhance efficiency. We recognize this shift and continue to lead in reshaping the future of the industry.

We’re all excited about the recent rebranding of App4Legal to Lexzur. Can you tell us more about what this change signifies for the company? 

This rebrand reflects our commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving legal tech landscape. While we’re proud of App4Legal’s legacy, Lexzur represents our expanded vision for the future. 

Interesting. Some may interpret this move as a shift away from your core legal tech expertise. Can you clarify if that’s the case?

Our core values remain firmly rooted in providing innovative and customizable legal tech solutions to law firms, in-house legal teams, and modern-day professionals across the board. We’re simply expanding our reach to a broader market that can benefit from our expertise. This could include Departmental Business Units like HR, Procurement, Finance and Sales, or Industry Verticals such as governmental, real-estate, e-commerce, and much more

And how do you envision Lexzur catering to these new markets?

We offer our global client base a highly configurable suite of legal management and AI-powered contract lifecycle management solutions with integrated portals, and countless integrations with everyday applications. These solutions are multilingual, multi-currency, and jurisdiction agnostic, ensuring they’re adaptable to various industries and global needs. We also launched a thriving marketplace where third-party developers can create and sell integrated applications, allowing our clients, worldwide, to discover, try, and buy apps that seamlessly integrate with Lexzur on the fly.

What are your aspirations for Lexzur’s future? 

We will continue to revolutionize the legal tech industry, leading with excellence, amplifying efficiency for professionals across various industries. We believe Lexzur’s powerful combination of customization, advanced automation, world-class security, and a vibrant marketplace will empower our clients to achieve unprecedented efficiency and collaboration, work-life balance, and a newfound passion for the work they do, ultimately transforming the legal tech landscape as we know it. 

As we embark on this new journey as Lexzur, impacting the way professionals work across various industries, and revolutionizing legal tech as we know it, one thing remains constant: our unwavering dedication to our customers, and improving the lives of professionals across the board, easing their workload, and reigniting creativity, innovation, and passion for their work. This is just the beginning. Join us as we shape the future of work and redefine the legal tech landscape with Lexzur.

Secure the full guide for free, here; https://www.lexzur.com/salary-guide/

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